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Man Hides S$50 Notes In Benches Around S'pore, Hopes To Bless Lucky Finders

TikToker @Communitybenefactor Hides Money In Benches Around Singapore

TikTok has birthed its fair share of trends over recent years when it gained popularity. One of these trends involved individuals hiding money in the cities they live in and letting viewers go on a mini ‘treasure hunt’ in search of the hidden cash.

A TikTok user in Singapore is keeping this trend alive. He has been hiding money in benches across Singapore and dropping hints about the locations by posting videos on social media.

When asked about his reasons, he said he simply wanted the finders to feel blessed and as if someone was looking after them.

TikToker hides money in benches around Singapore & lets viewers find them

For the past 1.5 months, the TikTok user — who goes by @communitybenefactor — has been posting videos of himself hiding cash in obscure places around Singapore.

In the early stages of his TikTok journey, the OP, who wished to be known only as Mr B, had the tendency to stuff S$10 notes into random nooks and crannies around HDB estates.hides money bencheshides money benches

Source: @communitybenefactor on TikTok

He would then twirl around and give viewers a glimpse of his surroundings, allowing them to identify where he had hidden the ‘treasure’.

Some of the places we managed to identify were in Tampines and Toa Payoh.hides money bencheshides money benches

Source: @communitybenefactor on TikTok

In his recent video, it looks like Mr B has gotten more generous with his ‘donations’ — he would hide S$50 notes rather than S$10 ones.

Additionally, he seems to have taken a liking to hiding money in benches.hides money bencheshides money benches

Source: @communitybenefactor on TikTok

Said he wants finders to “feel lucky & blessed”

Speaking to MS News, Mr B said he was inspired to hide money around Singapore after coming across videos by users from other countries.

Source: @communitybenefactor on TikTok

“I thought about doing this because I saw someone else doing this in other parts of the world,” he said, adding that it seemed like a fun way to give back to society.

Even though Mr B has been donating to charities online, he said, “I don’t really feel a sense of fulfilment because I don’t know how my money is being used to help the needy.”

He said the “ultra-poor” aren’t the only people who need assistance. “Sometimes, those among us could use S$50 for a little bit of groceries.”

By hiding money in public places, those fortunate enough to find them will “feel lucky and blessed”, as if someone in the universe was looking after them.

As for why he switched up his hiding places, Mr B said it wasn’t easy to find secretive spots around Singapore and, hence, decided to ‘settle’ for benches.

Mr B also shared that he received complaints that S$10 was too small an amount. He eventually increased the amount to S$50, agreeing that one couldn’t do much with just S$10.

He has since received messages from a fair share of people, who reached out to ask for help and to thank him for his kind deeds.

If you’d like to be one of the lucky ‘winners’, stay tuned to his TikTok page at @communitybenefactor.

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Featured image adapted from @communitybenefactor on TikTok

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