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Man Gets Robbed Outside M'sia High-End Residence, Security Guards Allegedly Stood By & Took Videos

Security Guards Allegedly Stood By & Took Videos As Man Gets Robbed

When one is in danger, the reasonable thing to do is approach the nearest security personnel for help.

However, a Malaysian man’s recent encounter is a rare example showing that, sometimes, not everyone is worth your trust.

A group of six security guards allegedly stood by while three robbers took off with the man’s valuables after injuring him right outside the security post.

Making matters worse, the security guards reportedly took videos of the whole incident on their phones without rendering assistance.

Man gets robbed of over S$2863.92 while security guards allegedly stood by

According to Malaysian Chinese-language news outlet China Press, this happened around 3am on Monday (23 Oct).

The man, 38-year-old Mr Ye (transliterated from Mandarin), had driven a lorry back to his home in a gated residential area in Selangor, Malaysia.

As he does not typically drive his lorry back, he could only park at the visitors’ lots near the security post.

When he exited his car, a black car suddenly stopped behind him. Three people with masks on then quickly got out of the car.

Source: China Press

One of them reportedly wielded a knife and threatened Mr Ye. He demanded that the 38-year-old hand over his valuables, while one person stayed in the car.

“[The assailant] hit me repeatedly on the head with the handle of the knife. However, the five or six security guards standing across the road did nothing even though I shouted for help.”

To make things worse, the security guards allegedly took videos of the whole incident on their phones.Security Guards Man RobbedSecurity Guards Man Robbed

Source: China Press

Even as the masked assailants made off with cash amounting to over RM10,000 (S$2,863), no one came to Mr Ye’s aid.

Victim needed 3 stitches on head

Following the incident, Mr Ye disclosed that he received three stitches on his head.

He has also filed a police report and hopes that the authorities can bring the assailants to justice soon.

Despite this, neither the building management nor the security company have contacted him to this day.

Although his high-end residence claims to have a six-layer security system and guards who patrol the area, he finds it shocking that the six guards are afraid of three robbers.

“It’s really frustrating that security guards in a high-end residential area such as mine are not equipped with batons and other weapons,” Mr Ye expressed.Security Guards Man RobbedSecurity Guards Man Robbed

Source: China Press

Furthermore, surveillance footage of the incident was of not much help either.

The videos were blurry and did not capture the assailant’s faces or licence plate numbers. As such, it becomes even more challenging for police to identify the suspects.

Mr Ye hopes that the building management is able to boost security measures on its premises, such as having guards patrol for longer periods.

He feels that this would give residents more peace of mind and deter criminals in the future.

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Featured image adapted from China Press.

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