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Cathay Cineplex Century Square Opening On 21 Nov, Enjoy Free Movie Screenings During Soft Launch

Cathay Cineplexes Century Square Outlet Opens 21 Nov, Soft Launch Includes Free Movies & Cheaper Tickets

In April this year, Cathay Cineplexes shared a planned October opening for its Century Square outlet.

The Tampines mall has had no cinema since Filmgarde Cineplexes shut down in early 2022.

On Thursday (9 Nov), Cathay Cineplexes announced that their Century Square outlet will officially be opening on 21 Nov.

Image courtesy of Cathay Cineplexes

Before that, there will be a soft launch from 17 to 19 Nov that includes free movie screenings and discounted ticket prices.

Once fully opened, moviegoers can experience unique full-length seats and even crisper audio quality.

Cathay Cineplexes to open new Century Square outlet

Those awaiting a new cinema in Century Square can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Source: Google Maps

In a press release, Cathay Cineplexes confirmed that they are opening a brand new six-hall outlet there on 21 Nov.

The cinema will be located on level five, where Filmgarde Cineplexes used to be.

Photos show dark halls with vibrant neon art on the walls, exuding cyberpunk vibes.cathay century squarecathay century square

Image courtesy of Cathay Cineplexes

For the first time in Singapore, there will be the unique option of Wave seats.

These full-length loungers allow you and your date to recline comfortably while enjoying the latest blockbuster.cathay century squarecathay century square

Image courtesy of Cathay Cineplexes

They’re also located at the front of the cinema for unobstructed viewing, Cathay Cineplexes added.

Additionally, the Century Square cinema will include a Dolby Atmos hall. The system creates a “spatial sound experience” for a crisp and realistic audio experience.

There are even Assisted Listening Device Systems (ALDS) in each hall for the hearing-impaired. This will enable personal connections to audio sources.

Image courtesy of Cathay Cineplexes

Moviegoers may also opt to use self-service kiosks to buy or retrieve tickets instead of queuing for the manned counters.

Free movies & discounted tickets for cinema soft launch

Before the official opening, Cathay Cineplexes will host several events at the mall, starting with activities over the Deepavali long weekend from 10 to 13 Nov.

The events, held at the Century Square Mall Atrium, will include live musical performances, free movie screenings, and free popcorn to gorge on.

Attendees also stand a chance to win movie tickets via various games and challenges, as well as a ‘sure-win’ capsule prize.

Source: @cathaycineplexes on Instagram

In addition, Cathey Cineplexes will hold a soft launch for the cinema from 17 to 19 Nov.

The special event includes free movie screenings, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

On top of those, the cinema will offer a special price for movie tickets at S$7.75 each.

18 Nov will also see the premiere of the Thai horror film ‘The Djinn’s Curse’.

Although tickets are available by invitation only, moviegoers stand a chance at winning passes to the event.

Source: Vision on Facebook

Then, on 19 Nov, Nabila Huda, the star of the Malaysian horror movie ‘Rahsia’, will hold an intimate meet-and-greet session.

Source: @kupu_kupu on Instagram

More information can soon be found on the Cathay Cineplexes website. You may also monitor their Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates.

Filmgoers can join year-end lucky draw

Lastly, guests who have purchased a pair of tickets at Cathay Cineplex Century Square can enter a lucky draw.

Participants stand to win a premium luxury massage chair worth S$5,199.

This year-end deal lasts from 20 Nov until the end of December.

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Featured image courtesy of Cathay Cineplexes.

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