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Wedding Guest Says Bride Asked Them To Identify Their Angbao, Finds Practice 'Rather Rude'

Wedding Guest Claims Bride Told Them To Identify Their Angbao

The amount of money gifted in wedding angbaos can often be a source of contention between a couple and their guests. As such, not adhering to certain courtesies for this practice can occasionally result in disagreements.

This was the case recently with a Reddit user who attended their colleague’s wedding.

They had chosen not to label the angbao they gave and the colleague subsequently contacted them, requesting they identify which one was theirs.

The incident rubbed the user the wrong way and they took to Reddit to share their story, asking others for their opinion on the matter.

Wedding guest says bride asked them to identify their angbao

Taking to SingaporeRaw on Reddit, the OP said that they had recently attended their colleague’s wedding.

Source: Reddit

At the event, they gave her an angbao without putting their name down. The OP added that they didn’t have the habit of labelling it.

The day after, they received a text from their colleague asking them to identify which angbao they had given her.

“In my mind I was thinking… why would you take a photo of the angbaos people gave and ask them to tell you which is the angbao they gave?” the OP asked, perplexed.

They noted that this was the first time they had encountered such a situation and found it rather rude.

The OP ended the post by mentioning that they had done their due diligence in covering their portion of the expenses for the wedding banquet, even providing extra money.

“Don’t say I never write my name cause I scared people know I am a cheapo,” the OP said.

Redditors agree that colleague’s actions were rude

The post has since sparked quite a bit of debate on Reddit, many of whom agreed that the OP’s colleague’s actions were unjustifiable.

One user called her “rude and lame”, stating that monitoring the amount received in angbaos could be off-putting.

Source: Reddit

Another netizen said that the bride was being petty by asking them to identify the angbao.

Source: Reddit

They added that if she could not afford a banquet, it would have been best not to go ahead with such an event.

There were those who went so far as to label her behaviour “obnoxious”, saying that her attitude needed to be dropped.

Source: Reddit

Some users did suggest that the bride could have wanted to know the amount to gauge how much she should give at the OP’s wedding.

Source: Reddit

Ultimately, the consensus among Redditors seemed to be that engaging in such actions wasn’t very considerate.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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