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Chicken & Chicks Try To Cross Road In Tanjong Pagar, Safety Supervisor Escorts Them To Roadside

Chicken & Chicks Attempt To Cross Road In Tanjong Pagar

In Singapore, people have spotted chickens crossing the road enough times to run a certain joke deep into the ground. Even so, a video showing a chicken and its chicks attempting to cross a junction in Tanjong Pagar caused much anxiety.

At the junction between Cantonment Road and Cantonment Link, the chicken family faced delays.

A chick stopped moving right in the middle of the road, leaving all of them vulnerable should the traffic light turn green.

Fortunately, a kind safety supervisor approached to help. He escorted the chickens across to the other side, despite the hen attacking him.

Hen & chicks attempt to cross road in Tanjong Pagar

The video of the incident was recorded at a large intersection between Cantonment Link and Cantonment Road. When the scene unfolded is unclear.

To wild chickens, roads must be akin to sprawling deathtraps. Gigantic metal ‘beasts’ rush past with deadly speed seemingly at random, turning every crossing into a lethal gamble.

Thus, the sight of a hen and several tiny chicks making their ‘family expedition’ across the junction caught the eyes of motorists. The chickens appeared as tiny specks in the huge expanse of asphalt.

Source: on Facebook

The feathered family appeared to be crossing towards the roadside on the right, shadowed by the tall Southpoint building. Luckily, they picked the red light to do it.

Less luckily, the chickens had almost reached the opposite side when one chick decided to just stop in the middle of the road. The concerned mother turned around to check.

Source: on Facebook

Despite its mother’s stare, the delaying chick didn’t move for whatever reason. Perhaps it felt a bit rebellious in the moment, trying out the classic ‘sit and don’t budge’ tactic.

Frustrated as any mother would be, the hen rushed over to the chick, leaving several chicks further ahead to instinctively turn and follow her back.

Source: on Facebook

Safety supervisor escorts chicken family across road

Most people would probably be able to sprint across the road to safety, but for the hen and her chicks, every second longer risked death. Surely at any moment, the traffic light would turn green.

Just then, a saviour in a reflective vest and helmet entered stage left. The blue safety helmet likely indicated him as a safety supervisor, according to work regulations.

Source: on Facebook

True to his job description, the supervisor began to escort the chickens. He reached down, attempting to use his hands to urge the delaying chick along.

The hen, clearly suspicious of a stranger approaching her children, did not take the supervisor’s presence well.

Source: on Facebook

Meanwhile, the other chicks quickly rushed to the safety of the roadside by themselves.

Evidently protective of her lone chick, the hen initially tried aggressive posturing before lunging at the supervisor’s hands while furiously flapping her wings.

Source: on Facebook

Even so, the saintly safety supervisor remained undeterred. He scooped up the chick in his right hand and ignored the mother hen’s further physical protests.

Source: on Facebook

Almost as if finally realising that the human meant to help, the hen turned and made a mad dash for the roadside. The supervisor followed with large strides, chick in tow.

Source: on Facebook

Finally, he deposited the chick at the grassy roadside. At last, the chicken family was reunited safely.

Source: on Facebook

Netizens praise kind supervisor

Netizens praised the safety supervisor’s kindness, with one saying he did his job by ensuring the chickens’ safety.

Source: Facebook

A commenter found themselves amused by the mother hen’s initial reaction to the approaching supervisor.

Source: Facebook

Although he helped some chickens and not a human, a Facebook user remarked that “kindness knows no boundaries”.

Source: Facebook

Earlier this year, a family of chickens nearly got run over by a truck while crossing Dunman Road.

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Featured image adapted from on Facebook.

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