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M'sian Woman Makes Extremely Complicated Fried Rice Order, Apologises As She's In Confinement

Malaysian Woman In Confinement Asks For Complicated Fried Rice Order That Goes Viral Online

Many restaurants are used to cooking their food in a certain way so as to maintain consistency, but complicated orders can hold up the kitchen and cause difficulties for the cooks.

A woman in Malaysia who said she was in confinement gave extremely detailed instructions to a restaurant for her order.

In a photo of the receipt that has since gone viral, she gave the eatery a list of complicated instructions for a dish of fried rice.

Woman in confinement orders fried rice with additional instructions

Malaysian site Oh! Media shared a picture of the receipt to Facebook on 11 Nov.

Source: Facebook

The receipt showed that the customer had ordered nasi goreng with chilli padi and Tea O Ais – iced tea with no milk – from a local eatery.

Her order for the meal, however, came with a list of instructions that would make anyone feel dizzy just looking at them.

She started off by asking the eatery to please wash the wok and use only fresh oil to cook the rice.

In addition, the woman requested no vegetables, chicken, squid, prawns, egg, soy sauce or belacan.

Instead, the order should only include garlic, onions, bird’s eye chilis, salt and sugar.

She also asked for the nasi goreng to be extra spicy before eventually concluding with an apology as she was currently in confinement after giving birth.

Netizens express incredulity over complicated order

The post has since gone viral with over 800 comments, many criticising the woman for her complicated instructions.

A few netizens suggested that she should cook her meals herself instead of putting the eatery through such trouble.

Source: Facebook

Other users also noted the dangers of eating fried rice in confinement after giving birth.

Source: Facebook

They suggested that consuming something plain would probably be better.

One netizen went so far as to joke that the food would have been ready by the time she had finished typing out the instructions.

Source: Facebook

Regardless of the confusion behind the reasons for her order, here’s hoping the woman did manage to receive a satisfactory meal in the end.

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Featured image adapted from Tradition Kitchens for illustration purposes only and Facebook.

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