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27-Year-Old Man Loses S$45K To Love Scam, Met 'Woman' Over Instagram

Man Falls For Love Scam After Being Told To Transfer Money To Review Luxury Products

Those who read news reports on love scams might believe that victims would tend to be, well, on the older side.

However, young people have been known to fall for love scams too.

A 27-year-old man lost close to S$45,000 to a scammer he met over Instagram.

Source: Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The “woman” convinced him to review luxury products and earn a commission by transferring money.

Woman starts following man over Instagram

The victim, a private university student named only as Mr Lim, met someone over Instagram on 14 Oct, he told Shin Min Daily News.

She followed him on the platform first, and he reciprocated seeing that she was a “beautiful woman” named Anna.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

They started exchanging messages, and she told him that she was a fashion designer at a luxury brand.

Later, she said she was a Malaysian working in Singapore.

They ended up chatting over the phone for an hour or two daily and exchanging messages frequently.

After just three days, she initiated a relationship, saying they had a common language, i.e. Mandarin. He agreed.

Woman asks man to transfer money

Soon, the ruse deepened. Anna asked Mr Lim to help her with her sales.

All he had to do was write reviews on her products, then — for some reason — transfer a sum of money.

She said he would eventually get back the funds he sent, along with some “commission”.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Man transfers more than S$45,000

From 10pm on 18 Oct to 1am the next day, Mr Lim made 14 transfers totalling S$45,590.

Two of the transfers were made from his mother’s account.

The first two times, he separately received back S$116 and S$735. He also got S$41 in “commission”.

However, he didn’t get anything back after his next 12 transactions.

The last few times that he transferred money, he was told that he needed to keep on transferring money to get his commission.

Man realises it’s a love scam, makes police report

After Mr Lim finally realised that it was a scam, he refused to make any more transfers.

He also contacted the boutique that Anna allegedly worked in and they told him there was no such person.

That was when he made a police report.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Man depressed after falling for love scam

Unfortunately, the police said it would be difficult to get his money back, Mr Lim said.

This made him depressed for two weeks after the incident, he added, lamenting,

By sharing his story, he hoped people would learn from it and remain alert and avoid falling for scams.

The police confirmed to Shin Min that a report had been filed over the incident, and investigations were ongoing.

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Featured image from Shin Min Daily News and Shin Min Daily News on Facebook.

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