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Viral 'Tube Girl' Trend Has S'pore TikTok Users Dancing On The MRT Like Nobody's Watching

Singaporeans Hop Onto The ‘Tube Girl’ Trend On TikTok

A TikTok trend started by a 22-year-old in the United Kingdom (UK) has made its way to Singapore.

Perhaps inspired by her boldness or simply hopping on the ‘Tube Girl’ trend, commuters here are now recording themselves performing openly on MRT trains.

The videos mainly involve creators lip-syncing to a popular song while strutting their stuff in public —¬†all while ignoring the curious glances that come their way.

TikTok users now filming themselves dancing on the MRT

Commuting to and from work or school may not be the highlight of the day for most people.

Some folks in Singapore though, have decided to spice up their journey by filming themselves grooving to music.

One Singaporean tube girl filmed herself power-walking into an MRT train on the DownTown line.

She noted that while anxiety-inducing, she had fun recording the video.

Another Singapore tube girl didn’t have the luxury of space and filmed herself lip-syncing while standing in what looked like a peak-hour crowd.

Her rise to fame caught the eye of BBC, who reported that she was raised in Malaysia before moving to the UK to study law at Durham University.

“When I see people imitating it [the trend] I’m like ‘finally like people are getting it’,” said Sabrina.

“They’re enjoying their commute a little bit better. And I love to see people having fun so it’s honestly such a heartwarming thing for me.”

This is not the first time a TikTok trend has gone global in its virality.

Earlier this year, Singaporeans and even Health Minister Ong Ye Kung took part in the Wes Anderson trend.

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Featured images adapted from @azulacinta on TikTok, @sabrinabahsoon on TikTok and @zohmingchchuangi on TikTok.

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