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Woman From S'pore Says There's Nothing Good About The Country, Discourages Others From Living Here

Woman Divides Opinions On TikTok After Saying She Dislikes Singapore

A lot of topics may divide Singaporeans but national pride tends to unite us all. So when a woman hailing from Singapore claimed to dislike our country, locals and even foreigners who adore Singapore were understandably up in arms.

The woman in question didn’t have to say much — just the offending sentence and a brief reason why — to trigger a string of responses.

On the more positive side, many of these comments comprised praise for Singapore from people of all backgrounds.

Woman claiming to be from Singapore says she dislikes her country

The woman causing an uproar online appeared on @Brandondior1’s TikTok page on Wednesday (27 Sep).

The content creator famously asks random people on the streets of London, United Kingdom (UK), personal questions often pertaining to their identities.

In this instance, he asked a young woman where she was from, to which she said, “Singapore”.

The next question sparked a series of negative reactions from her, as he asked what she felt was the best thing about the country.

Not even taking a moment to think, the woman said, “Nothing…I don’t like my country.”

Source: @Brandondior1 on TikTok

Flipping the question instead, Brandon asked her the worst thing about Singapore, and she replied,

When told to address people who have never been to Singapore, she explained that visiting the country for a holiday is fine. “But like, if you grew up, living there…Don’t do that,” she concluded.

Others heap praises on Singapore in response

Perhaps in disbelief at the woman’s statements, some Singaporeans expressed their pride for the country in the comments.

Source: TikTok

Many foreigners who’ve either relocated or lived here for work also shared their gratitude for being able to call Singapore home.

Source: TikTok

One foreign worker even exclaimed that he was sad after hearing the woman’s response. To him “Singapore is the best secure country”, so he likely found her answers baffling.

Source: TikTok

While there were no terribly harsh comments, what’s clear is that the woman’s responses have left a strong impression on many people, who will likely be left contemplating their love for Singapore further.

Do you agree with what the woman said? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @branddior1 on TikTok.

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