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Haze Hits Unhealthy Range In East & Central S'pore On 7 Oct, Public Advised To Stay Hydrated

Haze Expected To Remain In Unhealthy Range On 8 Oct, Public Should Reduce Outdoor Activities

On Saturday (7 Oct) morning, the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) entered the Unhealthy range in the East of Singapore.

Unfortunately, the haze situation has only gotten worse as night fell, with both the East and Central areas now in the Unhealthy range.

Source: MeiLin Khoo on Facebook

The public has been advised to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Haze at Unhealthy range in East & Central at 11pm

According to a haze update by the National Environment Agency (NEA), the East had the poorest air quality in Singapore on Saturday (7 Oct) night.

As of 11pm, the PSI was 121 in the East. Central Singapore was the second-worst affected by the haze, with a reading of 116.


Southern Singapore appeared to be heading towards Unhealthy with a PSI of 99.

In a news release on Saturday (7 Oct), the NEA said the PSI in the East entered the Unhealthy range at 7am, while the Central area followed at 11am.

Anything from 101 to 200 is considered “Unhealthy”, while 51 to 100 is “Moderate”.

188 hotspots detected in Sumatra

In another advisory on Saturday (7 Oct), the NEA said a total of 188 hotspots were detected on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island on that day, mostly over the southern and central areas.

This is a slight decrease from the 212 detected on Friday (6 Oct).


Moderate to dense smoke haze was observed to have been blown by prevailing winds towards the north and northwest.

Setting sun looks like egg yolk

Singaporeans duly posted photos of the hazy skies on social media, with landmarks like the Singapore Flyer slightly obscured.

Source: 8world News on Facebook

As the sun set, the haze painted the sun a bright shade of orange, with several netizens saying it looked like an egg yolk.

Source: Ang Tee on Facebook

Some photos showed the sun glowing almost-red, a surreal sight that seemed out of a science fiction movie.

Source: Atiqqa Rosli on Facebook

Public advised to drink plenty of water, reduce outdoor activities

Due to the haze situation, the NEA advised the public to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

They also urged healthy individuals to reduce prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical activities to limit the ill effects from haze exposure.

Vulnerable people such as the elderly, pregnant, children, and those with chronic heart and lung conditions should seek medical attention if they develop symptoms or feel unwell.

Those with chronic heart and lung conditions should also ensure their medications are readily accessible.

Haze will remain in Unhealthy range on 8 Oct

Unfortunately, the hazy conditions are expected to persist on Sunday (8 Oct), with the PSI in the high end of the Moderate range to the low end of Unhealthy.

This is because lighter winds are expected over Singapore and the surrounding region for the next 24 hours.

However, towards Monday (9 Oct), some showers and a favourable change in wind direction may improve the haze situation.

Here’s hoping the hazy conditions will clear up sooner rather than later.

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Featured image adapted from MeiLin Khoo on Facebook.

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