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SBS Bus Driver Greets Every Passenger In English & Mandarin, Undeterred By Non-Responses

SBS Bus Driver Greets Every Passenger With ‘Good Morning’ In English & Mandarin

Those in the service industry would know how emotionally draining greeting customers can be, only to be met with silence and a deadpan expression.

Recently, a video clip of an SBS Transit driver greeting every passenger in English and Chinese made rounds on social media.

Source: Facebook

Though we may often hear about bus captains greeting commuters, the driver’s determination in this case was what touched netizens’ hearts. He continued greeting passengers even though most of them did not respond.

SBS bus driver greets every passenger in English & Mandarin

On Thursday (5 Oct), Facebook user Mr Low posted a video of the bus captain greeting passengers in the Complaint Singapore group.

Contrary to the Facebook group’s name, the post was actually paying compliments to the bus driver.

Mr Low shared that the driver was driving a service number 102 bus at the time. The bus passes through Hougang, Jalan Kayu, Seletar, and Sengkang.

As the driver pulled over at one of the bus stops, he glanced towards the front door, presumably to anticipate the boarding passengers.

When the commuters started boarding the bus, he greeted each of them by saying good morning to them in both English and Chinese.

Despite having a mask over his face, the driver’s enthusiasm was clear for all to see.

Sadly, Mr Low said that about 90% of customers did not respond to his greetings.

Based on the accompanying caption, it seems this isn’t the OP’s first run-in with the driver. He claimed that the bus captain would do this “every morning”.

Apparently greets passengers in Malay too

Netizens took to the comments section of the post to leave wholesome messages for the bus captain.

This Facebook user, who presumably boards the driver’s bus often, says the driver’s vocabulary bank of greetings extends beyond just English and Chinese.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen urged Mr Low to write a letter of recommendation for the bus driver so he could be nominated for the National Kindness Award. The OP has agreed to do so.

Source: Facebook

Kudos to the bus driver for going the extra mile so his passengers have a pleasant ride.

We hope this also encourages those on the receiving end of such greetings to respond in kind instead of leaving them hanging.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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