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PSI Enters Unhealthy Range In S'pore, NEA To Start Daily Haze Advisories

Singapore To Expect Haze As PSI Enters Unhealthy Level

Those in Singapore should expect some haze over the weekend due to shifting wind conditions and increased hotspots in Sumatra, Indonesia.

As of 10am today (7 Oct), the National Environment Agency (NEA) reported poor air quality in the East.

Source: National Environment Agency

At that time, the area had the worst Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading of 109 — meaning that air quality there had reached unhealthy levels.

Meanwhile, other parts of Singapore had moderate air quality.

Due to the recent developments, NEA will start releasing daily haze advisories.

Light haze & elevated PSI due to shifting winds & Sumatra hotspots

NEA said that there are now 212 detected hotspots in Sumatra, as of 6 Oct. This is an increase from the 65 and 15 on 5 Oct and 4 Oct respectively.

Satellite imagery over southern and central Sumatra showed smoke plumes and haze, some of which have made their way to Singapore.

This is due to a brief shift in wind directions on Friday (6 Oct) afternoon, from southeasterly to southerly.

Hence, the NEA warns those in Singapore of the likelihood of haze over the weekend should the fires persist and if wind direction is unfavourable.

Some residents in the East of Singapore have already posted their foggy views this morning.

Source: Leslie Loh on Facebook

Tankers and ships that were usually visible on the waters are now merely silhouettes, and the horizon is nowhere to be seen.

In this area, the PSI reading was at unhealthy levels, according to NEA.

NEA to release daily haze advisories

As such, the environment agency will be releasing daily haze advisories from Saturday (7 Oct) evening.

The advisory will include a 24-hour PSI forecast which the public can use to plan their activities for the next day.

Additionally, NEA has already issued advisories to different sectors including healthcare institutions, schools, and workplaces to take appropriate haze management measures should air quality worsen.

This news should not come as a surprise to most, however.

Earlier this week, the Singapore government was already on standby for haze and predicted a possible drop in air quality.

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Featured image adapted from Leslie Loh on Facebook.

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