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Zouk Aunt Passes Away Years After Leaving Main Otter Family, Mourned By Local Community

‘Zouk Aunt’ Passes Away From Severe Infection At Age 7, Had Pus In Her Chest

Otters, Singapore’s unofficial mascots, have gained a keen following here, with many otter watchers knowing their every move.

Sadly, the community is now mourning “Zouk Aunt”, originally from the dominant Zouk otter family, who has passed away.

Source: Ottercity on Facebook

She was a relatively young seven years old.

Zouk Aunt’s carcass found in Jalan Besar on 19 Oct

The sad news was revealed in a Facebook post on Friday (20 Oct) by community fan page Ottercity.

They said the carcass of Zouk Aunt was found by a member of the public in Jalan Besar on Thursday (19 Oct).

Source: Tan Yong Lin on Facebook

It was recovered by the National Parks Board (NParks) and sent to Mandai Wildlife Group the next morning.

A necropsy found that she passed away from a severe infection. She had a large amount of pus in her chest.

Zouk Aunt leaves behind mate & son after she passes away

Zouk Aunt leaves behind her mate and one son.

Unfortunately, her life was tragic — though she bore a total of four pups across two litters, three of her pups passed before her.

Source: Tan Yong Lin on Facebook

While her first two were killed by a rival family in 2021, one of her second two pups was the victim of a traffic accident near Bendemeer in 2022.

This leaves only one surviving pup who now has only his father for protection.

Zouk Aunt tried hard to establish & protect her family

In a tribute to Zouk Aunt on Facebook, otter fan Tan Yong Lin said she tried very hard to establish her family.

This was especially difficult as she had been ousted by the main Zouk family a few years ago.

Thus, she and her family had to live in sub-optimal places around Marina Bay and Jalan Besar to avoid the dominant otter families.

Source: Tan Yong Lin on Facebook

That meant, however, that they were in more danger, Mr Tan added.

Despite this, she persevered, moving her young pups from place to place to protect them.

Source: Tan Yong Lin on Facebook

She had support from her mate, who stayed by her side through thick and thin.

Source: Tan Yong Lin on Facebook

Due to their hardships, the otter community has a lot of sympathy for this family, Ottercity said.

Zouk Aunt & sister were from Bishan family

Zouk Aunt’s troubles stemmed from her falling out with her older sister, the alpha female of the Zouk family.

The sisters left the Bishan family in 2018 and settled down at Zouk’s old location along the Singapore River, according to Ottercity.

After the falling out with her sister years ago, Zouk Aunt started life afresh with a male she met.

Source: Tan Yong Lin on Facebook

Zouk Aunt will be missed

Lamenting Zouk Aunt’s passing, Mr Tan said she will be missed for her “sheer determination, and her will to lead her family against all the threats/dangers they faced”.

Because of this, she and her family were special to the community, he added.

He last saw her on Monday (16 Oct) and took a photo of her, not knowing it would be the last time he saw her alive.

Though she looked weary, she seemed otherwise normal, he maintained.

A great loss for otter lovers

Zouk Aunt’s passing is undoubtedly a great loss for otter lovers here.

She will no doubt be remembered fondly by those who observed her survival across the years.

Hopefully, her mate and son will stay safe and carry on without her.

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Featured image adapted from Ottercity on Facebook and Tan Yong Lin on Facebook.

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