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Cyclists Confront Taxi Driver In Bugis For Jam Braking, They Argue Over Dangerous Driving

Taxi Driver & Cyclists Get Into Heated Argument On Middle Road

A group of cyclists and a taxi driver had an unpleasant exchange along Middle Road on Saturday (21 Oct).

The cyclists had been unhappy with the taxi driver for allegedly jam-braking. They then called him out for dangerous driving.

However, camcar footage revealed that the group had not practiced safe riding either.

Instead of keeping to the far left edge of the road, as per Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) rules, some had been riding in the second lane.

Cyclists confront taxi driver for suddenly braking

The incident surfaced on the SG Road Vigilante – SGRV Facebook group on 21 Oct.

According to the post, the argument had occurred on Middle Road at 8.25am today (21 Oct).

In the video, a group of cyclists could be seen riding in the left-most and second lane when suddenly, the taxi up ahead abruptly stopped.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

Camcar footage then showed the cyclists surrounding the taxi and gesturing angrily at the driver.

The following clip documented the argument that followed.

The men shouted at each other, with the cyclists then asking the driver why he had jam braked.

“Why you [go] in my lane, why I cannot jam brake?” retorted the fuming driver.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

The cyclists then called him out for dangerous driving to which the driver smiled and laughed.

The argument then escalated when the driver pushed one of the cyclists to the ground.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

Though it was not captured on camera, the cyclist had apparently hit the driver’s taxi.

Camcar catches cyclists riding in second lane

In response to the video, commenters pointed out that the cyclists had not been riding safely in the first place.

One Facebook user called the cyclists out for having no lane discipline and cycling “all over”.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, another commenter urged the authorities to take action against cyclists who abuse the right to ride on roads.

Source: Facebook

They called the cyclists arrogant and unreasonable and said that their inconsiderate actions would lead to a road accident.

According to the LTA rules for safe cycling, cyclists must try their best to keep to the far left of roads.

“Always ride as close as practicable to the far left edge of roads, and allow traffic to overtake you safely,” said the transport authority.

As for guidelines, cyclists are expected to keep a safe distance behind moving vehicles.

They are also encouraged not to weave through traffic, among other guidelines on the LTA website.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook.

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