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Lawyer Claims Woman In Viral SGH Incident Will Likely Be Deported After Serving Jailtime

Woman In Viral SGH Incident May Be Deported After Her Prison Term

Last month, the woman involved in a conflict with a police officer at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), 29-year-old Han Feizi, received a jail sentence of five weeks and five days.

She had been working in Singapore as a hostess instead of a clerk as per her work permit applications.

A lawyer has now claimed that the authorities are likely to deport her after she has served her time in jail.

Woman in viral SGH incident may be deported

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, a lawyer said that if foreigners break the law, the prison would send them directly to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) after they had served their sentence.

ICA officers would then escort the ex-offender to Changi Airport for deportation.

Source: Google Maps

He added that the authorities would usually send individuals to the nearest airport in their home country. For Chinese nationals, this translates to Shenzhen Airport.

Upon arrival, they must arrange their transportation back to their exact home addresses.

A second lawyer also shared that after her release from prison, Han would be unable to move around freely in Singapore.

As such, returning to her residence here seems unlikely.

“Whether she can continue to stay in Singapore for a few days, even just to pack her luggage, will depend on whether ICA issues a special pass to her,” the lawyer said.

If she still has personal belongings at her residence, she could arrange for relatives and friends to handle them after her deportation.

According to the Banishment Act 1959, a criminal will only face deportation once a Minister makes an order for their banishment and signs a form.

Thereafter, the authorities will escort the person onto any means of transport to convey them to their home country.

At the time of writing, it remains unclear whether such a fate will really befall Han. For now, these are mere guesses by lawyers.

Jailed for 5 weeks & 5 days

Earlier this year, a video showing an argument between Han and a police officer at SGH went viral.

Following her arrest, Han pleaded guilty to five charges including false declarations in her work permit applications.

Source: Douyin

For her offences, she received a jail sentence of five weeks and five days.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also revoked her work pass and served Han with a permanent ban against working in Singapore.

This was due to the false declarations in her work permit application which claimed she was going to work as a clerk.

Instead, Han reportedly worked as a freelance hostess at several locations from Aug to Oct 2023.

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Featured image adapted from Douyin and Douyin.

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