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M'sia Singer Says Strangers Ate For Free At Her Wedding Banquet, Exposes Them On Social Media

Malaysia Singer Claims Uninvited Strangers Came To Eat At Wedding Banquet

Hosting a wedding banquet can be pretty expensive. As such, invitations are handed out to guests to ensure strangers do not turn up unannounced.

Recently in Malaysia, a singer allegedly found strangers attending her wedding banquet, pretending to be guests and eating for free.

Besides dining for free, the strangers also left some guests with no seats. The couple ended up having to apologise to their guests for the situation.

Malaysian singer says strangers ate for free at wedding banquet

Malaysian singer Jacqueline Ng recently took to Facebook to remind netizens to be careful when hosting large wedding banquets.

Ms Ng shared that she held her own banquet recently and had made arrangements beforehand, such as allocating table numbers.

However, her guests told her that several strangers had come to eat for free during the occasion.

Source: Jacqueline Ng on Facebook

When Ms Ng first caught wind of the situation, she wanted to close an eye and let the matter rest.

Unfortunately, the number of strangers who took up seats at the banquet hall grew too large to ignore.

As a result of their unannounced attendance, some of Ms Ng’s guests apparently did not have a seat.

Thankfully, Ms Ng had prepared spare tables for the occasions. There were also extra seats as some guests ended up not attending the banquet.

Stranger got exposed after pretending to be bribe’s neighbour

One of the strangers was a man who claimed to be Ms Ng’s neighbour.

Unfortunately for him, Ms Ng’s actual neighbours were seated at the same table. They later exposed him by pointing out that they had not seen the mysterious man before.

Instead of leaving the wedding altogether, Ms Ng said the man simply got up and sat himself down at the next table.

Other guests also took pictures of another male stranger wearing a pink checkered shirt and with an earbud in one ear.

Source: Jacqueline Ng on Facebook

Some guests even approached Ms Ng and asked why there were unfamiliar faces at their table.

Source: Jacqueline Ng on Facebook

Ms Ng pointed out that she wasn’t fussed about the banquet expenses. What she found problematic, however, was that the strangers interfered with the seating arrangement.

She added that a friend of hers faced the same situation at their wedding banquet — several relatives and friends ended up not having a seat.

Ms Ng explained that the situation was made worse by the fact that she had stayed up late for a week to plan, only for them to ruin the seating arrangement.

Seeing how this isn’t the first time such incidents have happened, Ms Ng called for such problems to be “addressed and eliminated”:

Mrs Ng ended her post by apologising to her guests for the inconvenience and misunderstandings caused at the banquet.

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Featured image adapted from Jacqueline Ng on Facebook.

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