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Woman Has Heated Exchange With Police Officer At SGH Over Alleged Dispute With Nurse

Woman Has Heated Exchange With Police Officer At SGH After Allegedly Using Profanities Against Nurse

A woman’s heated exchange with police officers at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) over an alleged dispute with a nurse has gone viral.

The woman claimed that the dispute started when a nurse told her that she was unable to seek medical treatment at the hospital as she wasn’t a Singapore citizen.

Source: Douyin

When police officers requested to record her statement, the woman repeatedly refused, instead asking the officer to identify herself.

Woman refuses to answer police officer, gets into heated exchange at SGH

On Monday (10 Oct), the woman in question shared several videos documenting her exchange with the police.

At the start of the first video, a lady with a Singapore Police Force (SPF) lanyard asked the OP if she had hurled vulgarities at one of the hospital’s nurses.

Source: Douyin

The OP did not provide a clear answer, instead claiming that the nurse had told her that she was unable to seek medical treatment at the hospital as she wasn’t a Singaporean.

The police officer repeated her question several times, but the OP continued giving ambiguous answers.

The OP also asked for the nurse to come over and give her statement but the police officer did not address this.

When asked if she verbally abused the nurse, the OP told the police officer to make a guess herself.

Gets stern warning after trying to turn over police officer’s cardholder

The woman then shared that she was involved in a traffic accident and had sustained injuries to her right foot.

She asked if she could head to a police station to follow up on the traffic accident, instead of speaking to an unidentified officer.

The OP then extended her hand and attempted to turn over the officer’s cardholder.

Source: Douyin

This prompted the officer to issue a stern warning, asking the woman not to touch her.

Source: Douyin

“Isn’t confirming your identity the right thing to do?” the OP asked.

The police officer replied that she didn’t have to identify herself, and continued asking the woman if she had used profanities against the nurse. The OP retorted:

The pair continued arguing throughout the video, but the police officer didn’t manage to ascertain:

Whether the OP had used vulgarities on the nurse and if she could provide an account to the policeWhether the OP wished to seek medical treatment at the hospital or proceed to a police stationThe police officer’s identity

The OP also went back and forth on whether she wanted to visit the police station or see a doctor. She eventually chose the latter.

Despite the OP’s reluctance, the police officer retrieved documents used for recording statements and instructed her to put down her phone.

Police officers leave hospital after OP refuses to record statement

In another video, presumably taken after the initial one, the female police officer was seen explaining to the OP about the procedure that she should follow.

Source: Douyin

The officer explained that she was at the hospital over a complaint that the OP had used profanities against a nurse at the hospital.

As for the traffic incident the OP was involved in, the police officer said she’d have to approach the traffic police separately.

Still, the OP refused to record a statement and insisted on heading to a police station.

The police officers eventually left after confirming that the OP refused to record a statement about the dispute involving the nurse.

It’s unclear if the police will handle the case involving the lady’s alleged dispute with the nurse.

Woman claims officers were ‘found by driver’, thus wanted to identify them

In a follow-up post on Tuesday (10 Oct) evening, the OP shared that she eventually underwent an X-ray examination and was given some medicine.

She also stated that she’s a long-term pass holder.

The OP added that she was adamant about having the officers identify themselves as she did not want the driver to provide “unfavourable evidence” which would “reduce the impact of the car accident on the driver”.

In the early hours of Wednesday (11 Oct), she shared that her leg is “fine” and urged netizens to stop debating the issue.

Source: Douyin

Reposted videos of the incidents have garnered over 100,000 views on TikTok.

MS News has reached out to SGH and SPF for statements on the incident. We’ll update this article when they get back.

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