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Spitting Cobra Allegedly Spotted At Pasir Ris Park, Public Advised To Give Reptile Space

Man Uploads Footage Of Spitting Cobra Allegedly At Pasir Ris Park

Sightings of wild animals, especially potentially dangerous ones like snakes, aren’t common in Singapore. So when a man encountered a spitting cobra on a cycling path in Pasir Ris Park, he understandably grew curious and got quite close to the creature.

The reptile reared up defensively and stared at the man for a while before slithering back into the grass.

Seeing how threatened the cobra appeared to be, the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) reminded the public to give snakes their space.

Cobra allegedly spotted at Pasir Ris Park

In several posts in the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group, the OP shared footage of his close encounter with a cobra.

In a comment under one of the posts, he explained that he was cycling at Pasir Ris Park when he spotted a small snake in the middle of a bicycle path.

Source: Facebook

Luckily, he managed to brake and avoid running the creature over. Allegedly concerned for both the snake and many park users present at the time, the OP decided to attempt to chase it away.

The cobra seemed to initially lock its gaze on the cyclist, displaying its forked tongue.

Source: Facebook

After a while though, the creature with a beautifully smooth sheen of scales turned and slithered into the grass.

Source: Facebook

Cobra stares the OP down

While that initially seemed to be the end of it, the OP seemingly decided to follow the cobra for a short distance, as seen in another video.

His approach appeared to startle the shy snake, who suddenly snapped back around to stare at him.

Source: Facebook

The spitting cobra then kept its gaze on the OP, flickering its forked tongue out and rearing up. The classic cobra hood was also on full display.

Source: Facebook

According to the OP, they intensely faced off for around 10 to 15 minutes before the snake slithered further away.

Source: Facebook

ACRES identifies snake as equatorial spitting cobra

ACRES’ Co-CEO Kalai Vanan Balakrishnan told MS News that the wildlife rescue team did not receive any calls about a cobra in Pasir Ris Park. Thus, they could not confirm the sighting.

Nevertheless, Mr Kalai identified the snake as the native equatorial spitting cobra, which is apparently common in Singapore and feeds on small animals and avoids humans.

He suspected the cobra was attempting to cross the path when the OP encountered it.

Although spitting cobras usually flee from humans, Mr Kalai said that the OP may have caused the snake in the video to feel threatened. This possibly triggered the cobra to stand its ground instead.

According to NParks’ website, spitting cobras rear up and hiss as a warning display, which is likely what the cobra in the video was doing.

Source: Facebook

Should the warning display fail, the spitting cobras can, true to their name, spray venom towards the provoker’s eyes. The highly venomous snake can reportedly cover a range of over one metre with this attack.

Mr Kalai thus advised members of the public who encounter the snake to give it space. Instead of approaching it, they can inform other footpath users to steer clear and let the snake cross the path safely.

He also encouraged those who see wild animals in distress to call ACRES’ hotline at 9783 7782.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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