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Motorists Rush To Help Vespa Rider Pinned Down In AYE Accident, He Expresses Thanks Online

Motorists Help Rider Pinned Under Vespa In AYE Accident, He Gives Thanks Online

Road accidents are, unfortunately, rather common occurrences, but the risk amplifies significantly for those on bikes and scooters.

Recently, a Vespa rider fell and skidded on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) in a scary-looking incident.

The rider ended up getting pinned under his scooter. Thankfully, numerous nearby motorists rushed to his aid.

A video on Facebook shows them lifting the Vespa off of the rider and checking on him.

Someone claiming to be the rider later appeared in the comments section to thank the Good Samaritans. He also clarified that he suffered no serious injuries.

Vespa rider falls & skids on road in AYE accident

According to an SG Road Vigilante post, the accident took place on 31 Oct at 6.08pm on a crowded AYE.

The clip starts with the camcar moving at a slow pace behind a taxi.

Seeing how traffic on the rightmost lane seems to be moving faster, the cab driver starts to switch lanes — notably without signalling.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

Immediately after, a lane-splitting Vespa comes skidding across the road.

The scooter pins its rider down under it and drags him across the asphalt, sparks flying.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

Shocked by the dramatic ‘entrance’, the camcar driver rapidly exclaims a series of “oh!”s and “woah!”s.

“What the f***?” an equally shocked passenger says out loud.

The Vespa bumps slightly into the taxi’s rear before its wheels get caught onto the road, briefly raising the vehicle.

It falls back down shortly after — right on top of the rider.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

A chunk of metal from the scooter also comes clattering off.

Other motorists rush in to help

It is not clear what exactly caused the Vespa to crash and skid.

The camcar driver, however, blamed the taxi for not signalling before switching lanes.

He alleged that the Vespa rider hit the brakes to avoid crashing but ended up falling and skidding instead.

Whether or not the taxi was at fault, it continued onwards, the driver seemingly not noticing the accident.

At this, the camcar driver could be heard muttering, “Wah, this guy ah…”

The camcar then pulled to a halt behind the Vespa rider, who was conscious but remained pinned under the scooter.

On the road were long white marks, apparently from the victim’s helmet being dragged across the asphalt.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

After a while, the video audibly caught the sound of the camcar driver unbuckling his seatbelt.

He and several other motorists quickly rushed over to help the Vespa rider while other cars passed around them.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

Three of them worked together to lift the Vespa while another motorcyclist proceeded to check on the rider.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

Vespa rider says he got home safely afterwards

A Facebook user claiming to be the Vespa rider later appeared in the comments of the SGRV post.

He expressed his thanks to the motorists who helped him and assured everyone that he did not suffer any serious injuries.

Source: Facebook

In a post on his own page, he added that he returned home safely afterwards and warned others to be more careful on the road.

Source: Facebook

Indeed, motorcycle and scooter riders splitting lanes should remain vigilant about the possibility of cars changing lanes without signalling.

A netizen pointed out that whether or not the taxi was in the wrong, the rider was the one who would have ultimately paid the price.

Source: Facebook

Last month, a motorcyclist nearly got crushed under a lorry, leading him to warn others about the dangers of lane splitting.

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Featured image adapted from SGRV on Facebook.

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