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Motorcyclist Almost Gets Crushed Under Lorry At Dhoby Ghaut, Warns Against Lane Splitting

Motorcyclist Nearly Gets Run Over By Lorry At Dhoby Ghaut, Cautions Others About Lane Splitting

Motorcycles have the benefit of being able to slip between larger vehicles to avoid being stuck in traffic. Doing this, however, can be very risky.

One rider found this out the hard way when a lane split caused him to be knocked down by a lorry.

Although he hurt his chest and elbow in the fall, he was very lucky not to have been crushed under the wheels.

His TikTok video shows that the collision sent him rolling across the intersection of Orchard Road and Buyong Road. Thankfully, he got back up quickly to retrieve his motorbike.

In his caption, he warned others about the risks of unsafe lane splitting, telling them not to do what he did.

Lorry knocks down lane-splitting motorcyclist

TikTok user @__aloyy__ uploaded the video of his accident on 21 Sep this year.

The crash took place in the Dhoby Ghaut area, at the intersection of Orchard Road and Buyong Road outside Concorde Hotel.

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

The OP, riding at a high speed, had attempted a lane split between a yellow ComfortDelGro taxi and a lorry.

Wikipedia defines lane splitting as riding a motorcycle between lanes of traffic moving in the same direction to bypass congestion.

It wasn’t long before the OP realised he had chosen the “wrong lane to split” while tucked in between the cab and lorry.

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

The lorry then appeared to move forward, and that’s when disaster struck.

Due to how close the vehicles were to each other, a metal latch on the side of the lorry caught onto the motorcycle’s rearview mirror.

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

This caused the motorcycle to be knocked off balance instantly, throwing the OP down as well.

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

Motorcyclist narrowly avoids being crushed

The falling motorbike momentarily pinned the OP by the chest against the lorry.

His elbow also ground against the moving lorry, with the text overlay suggesting that the OP had injured his chest and elbow.

The footage also showed just how close he was to being crushed by the lorry’s wheels.

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

Luckily for him, he avoided the wheels and was thrown clear off his motorcycle as the lorry and taxi drove off.

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

The OP then rolled and tumbled along the road before coming to a stop.motorcyclist lane splittingmotorcyclist lane splitting

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

He quickly got to his feet, exclaiming about the pain of the crash as both the lorry and taxi continued on their drive.motorcyclist lane splittingmotorcyclist lane splitting

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

The OP’s first concern was checking on his motorcycle. He even apologised to it for crashing as he lifted it back up off the road.motorcyclist lane splittingmotorcyclist lane splitting

Source: @__aloyy__ on TikTok

Motorcyclist cautions others about unsafe lane splitting

Fortunately, the OP indicated that he suffered no serious injuries.

He remarked that the adrenaline helped dampen the pain of the crash.motorcyclist lane splittingmotorcyclist lane splitting

Source: TikTok

In the caption, he warned others by saying, “Lane splitting is a risk. But if you do [split lanes], don’t do what I [did], kids.”

Lane splitting next to a heavy vehicle like a lorry poses a serious risk to motorcyclists, as commenters pointed out. The OP admitted that he did have a lapse in judgement in that moment.motorcyclist lane splittingmotorcyclist lane splitting

Source: TikTok

Facebook page reposted the video, with commenters finding the OP very lucky for avoiding the lorry’s wheels.

One netizen praised the rider for uploading the video to help educate others to avoid the mistake.

Source: Facebook

Judging by his TikTok videos since then, the OP did not let the accident stop him from riding as he was soon back on his bike and having fun.

Singapore’s road laws do not prohibit lane splitting, nor do traffic police track accidents caused by it.

In a reply to a parliamentary question, Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam stated, “Motorcyclists are encouraged to practise defensive riding, and avoid weaving in and out of traffic.”

“All motorists have to be alert for the unexpected and be ready to take evasive action,” he added.

Thus, motorcyclists should avoid lane splitting unless they have assessed the possible risks. They should avoid doing so next to heavy vehicles at all costs.

Other motorists in cars should also remain alert to potential motorcyclists performing such actions and to check their blind spots.

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Featured image adapted from @__aloyy__ on TikTok.

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