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S’porean Man Requests Payment For S$1.50 Teh Peng On Date, 'Pettiness' Shocks Taiwanese YouTuber

Taiwanese YouTuber Shocked By ‘Pettiness’ Of Singaporean Date

Some people believe that men should pay on a first date, while others think it is okay to do Dutch. However, is it necessary if the item is a S$1.50 teh peng?

The “pettiness” of a Singaporean man apparently shocked a Taiwanese YouTuber when he asked her to pay for the drink when they were on a date at a coffeeshop.

She then paid him the small sum and even threw in 50 cents more, but never went out with him again.

The YouTuber recently shared her experience on a HeyKaki podcast, drawing much discourse among netizens.

Taiwanese YouTuber shocked at ‘pettiness’ of Singaporean date after he asked her to pay for S$1.50 teh peng

On Thursday (2 Nov), HeyKaki published the latest episode of their podcast, ‘Kaki Chats’, on the topic of dating Singaporean men.

Taiwanese YouTuber Alison Wu recounted her experience when she went out with a Singaporean man to a coffeeshop.

“We weren’t together, we just went out to eat, and I felt he was very petty. I was shocked at how petty he was,” Wu said in Mandarin.

That said, she clarified their relationship status was more or less ambiguous at that point.

During that first date, she ordered a teh peng which cost S$1.50.

Source: Burpple, for illustration purposes only.

To her shock, the man then proceeded to say, “Eh, don’t forget to pay me back for the S$1.50.”

Despite her confusion, she paid him S$2 and told him to keep the change, to which he said, “Okay!”

Source: HeyKaki on YouTube

“He took the S$2, which meant he even had change to keep,” she noted. “Then I never went out with him again.”

Mixed feelings among viewers, some say Singaporean men are calculative

In the comments of the TikTok snippet of the podcast, viewers seem to have mixed feelings about Wu’s story.

One user commented that they agreed with the YouTuber. They think Singaporean men are “calculative” to the point where it’s the “end of the world.”

Source: TikTok

However, another remarked that Wu seemed to have generalised all Singaporean men after just one experience. We’re not sure where they got that impression from though.

Source: TikTok

However, there was also someone who defended Singaporean guys. She wrote that she has dated many Singaporean guys, but they have always paid for their meals and never went Dutch.

Source: TikTok

Do you agree that Singaporean men are stingy, or was it just a one-off experience? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from HeyKaki on YouTube and Burpple. Image on the right for illustration purposes only. 

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