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S'pore Women Say They’ll Never Go On Dates At Fast Food & Korean BBQ Restaurants

Women In Singapore Share Places They Will Never Go On Dates

Going on dates can be a headache-inducing activity. Not only does one have to consider what both parties want, there may also be specific choices that may be a deal-breaker to some.

A TikTok video recently surfaced, of women in Singapore naming places where they will never go for dates.

Some examples include fast food chains, Korean barbecue restaurants, and even specific restaurants such as Saizeriya.

The video sparked mixed feelings among viewers, with some strongly disagreeing with the women while others thinking it is fine to have personal preferences.

Women say they will never go on dates at places like fast food chains

On Saturday (28 Oct), TikTok content creators @moneymanifesters101 uploaded a video of a street interview where they asked women in Singapore where they will never go on dates.

One woman said that she would not want to go on a date at fast food restaurants, unless her date wants the date to be “fast”.

She also listed Korean barbecue (KBBQ) restaurants as undesirable locations. This is apparently due to the smell that lingers on diners after patronising such places.

Source: @moneymanifesters101 on TikTok

Meanwhile, the other respondent said she would not go on a date at Saizeriya.

“Might as well I have a date with a microwave,” she quipped.

Source: @moneymanifesters101 on TikTok

She later also singled out the Malaysia Boleh food courts as another place she does not want to visit on a date.

Some think it’s okay to have preferences

TikTok users who came across the video seem to have mixed feelings towards the women’s opinions.

There were some like this commenter, who thinks that these girls are “red flags” who just want to visit expensive places.

Source: TikTok

They claimed that location does not matter if there is a spark and mutual interests between two individuals.

Another commenter asked what was wrong with Saizeriya.

Source: TikTok

In response, Money Manifesters said that there is nothing wrong with it and it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Similarly, one user questioned why there was such a heated discussion in the comments. To her, these women are simply expressing their own opinions.

Source: TikTok

Do you agree with the women in the video? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @moneymanifesters101 on TikTok

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