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S’pore Influencer On SIA Flight Gets Hand Stuck In Cup Holder, Asks For Butter To Loosen Hand

Singaporean Influencer Gets Hand Stuck In Cup Holder On Singapore Airlines Flight

The one thing that any of us can hope for when getting on a flight is that it will be a stress and fuss-free experience.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case for everyone. For some, it can even be the total opposite.

Recently, a Singaporean influencer encountered the latter when he got his hand stuck in a cup holder while on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight.

hand stuck cup holderhand stuck cup holder

Source: TikTok

He then asked a flight attendant for butter to loosen his hand, but she told him that she did not have any.

A video of the incident cut off before the man’s hand was freed, leaving viewers to wonder how it all ended.

Influencer embarrassed to ask for help after getting hand stuck in cup holder

Yesterday (1 Oct), content creator and influencer Darshen posted a video of his friend, fellow influencer Abraham De Laure getting his hand stuck in a cup holder.

At the time, they were both onboard an SIA flight, and Darshen even cheekily captioned the video with: ‘Indeed a great way to fly’, a reference to SIA’s famed slogan.

At the start, Abraham urged Darshen to put butter on his hand to help loosen it. He also begged him not to call the flight attendant.

hand stuck cup holderhand stuck cup holder

Source: TikTok

Darshen can then be heard saying off-camera: “How did you get stuck?”

Moments later, Darshen had apparently ignored his friend’s pleas and told the cabin crew about what happened.

He also requested for some butter, at which point the crew reacted in surprise and asked how Abraham’s hand got stuck.

hand stuck cup holderhand stuck cup holder

Source: TikTok

The camera then panned to the female flight attendant, who reached out to Abraham and tried to pull his hand out, to no avail.

Speaking to the flight attendant, Abraham once again asked for butter.

Unluckily for him, she then told him she did not have any.

Source: TikTok

Throughout all this, Darshen was laughing uncontrollably behind the camera.

The video then ended with Abraham doing his best to wrest his hand out of the cup holder. However, it’s unclear whether he succeeded.

Viewers demand to know what happened next

Due to the chaotic nature of the video and the abrupt ending, many viewers felt like they needed to know more.

As such, many had burning questions for Abraham, like one user here who pleaded with Darshen to update them on what happened in the end.

Source: TikTok

Another viewer wanted to know how Abraham got his hand stuck there in the first place.

Source: TikTok

Interestingly, one commenter pointed out that there was butter on his tray. Upon closer inspection, one can definitely make out a packet of Lurpak butter on Abraham tray.

hand stuck cup holderhand stuck cup holder

Source: TikTok

However, it is unclear if he had used up all his butter by then.

hand stuck cup holderhand stuck cup holder

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, one viewer went in the complete opposite direction and questioned if this was rizz — his way of getting the flight attendant’s attention.

Source: TikTok

Abraham himself left a comment apologising to any crew from the flight who might see this video on their For You page (FYP).

hand stuck cup holderhand stuck cup holder

Source: TikTok

As unfortunate — and lowkey hilarious — as this entire incident was, we hope Abraham found a way to free his hand without injury.

“Intrusive thought” caused man to put his hand on cup holder

Speaking to MS News, Abraham said, “Basically, it was my intrusive thought if my hand would fit into the cup holder.” So, he tried it out on the SIA flight to Ho Chi Minh City and didn’t expect that his hand would get stuck.

Addressing the Lurpak that was apparently on his tray, Abraham said that the flight stewardess was actually collecting back the trays so at that moment she didn’t have any butter on her cart.

“Both my friend and I finished our butter too, and it was my first thought to ask for butter as I was quite anxious about being stuck,” he added.

“I do wanna iterate that the crew did her best to assist me.”

Asked how he managed to free himself in the end, Abraham simply said, “By using all my strength.”

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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