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Mother In Chai Chee Starts Fight With 2 Women Over Son Using Female Toilet, Fined S$3,000

Women Fight After One Of Them Confronts The Other Over Son Using Female Toilet In Chai Chee

Upset with a woman questioning her son for using the female toilet, a 39-year-old mother confronted her in Chai Chee.

The altercation, which took place last July, escalated into a physical fight, with the mother ripping off the woman’s mask and assaulting her friend, before chasing them down in a vehicle.

On Friday (29 Sep), the mother was fined S$3,000.

Women in Chai Chee fight over son using toilet

According to Shin Min Daily News, the incident occurred on 5 July 2022 at 5pm at ESR Bizpark @ Chai Chee.

Source: Facebook

The mother had brought her eight-year-old son to the building for basketball lessons. He then said he needed to use the toilet, so she told him to go to the women’s restroom on the third floor.

Two women were there at the time. As they left the toilet to approach the lift, one told the other that the boy was too old to use the women’s restroom and should have used the men’s instead.

The boy’s mother overheard these words. When all four entered the lift together, she said there was no problem with her son visiting the restroom.

In addition, she criticised the woman’s appearance, describing it as “neither boy nor girl.”

The confrontation escalated into a quarrel, and the boy’s mother ripped off the victim’s mask.

Mother chases others down in vehicle

The altercation continued, with the boy’s mother hitting the victim’s friend on the back as they exited the lift.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Seeing this, the victim pulled her friend away and confronted the woman, who said her mother would be ashamed to have a daughter like her.

This infuriated her, and she shoved the woman with both hands, causing her to fall backwards. The two friends quickly left the scene.

Refusing to let it go, the boy’s mother entered her car and drove around the building to look for the duo. She finally found them at a zebra crossing and drove against traffic, stopping right in front of them.

Disembarking from the vehicle, she grabbed the victim’s clothes and told them not to leave, stating that she had contacted the police.

Boy’s mother fined S$3,000, victim also fined

According to court documents, there were bruises on the victim’s body, and she had to seek medical treatment.

Charged for violence towards the boy’s mother, she received a fine of S$1,000.

The prosecution had also argued for a S$3,500 fine for the boy’s mother, as she was responsible for starting the fight. Furthermore, she had caused the victim to suffer injuries.

The woman eventually received a S$3,000 fine for her actions.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News and Facebook.

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