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Scoot Cabin Crew Scolds Passenger For Letting Child Stand During Taxiing, Airline Apologises For Experience

Scoot Apologises After Video Of Flight Attendant Chiding Woman For Letting Child Stand During Taxiing Goes Viral

Anyone who has ever been on a flight would know that there are numerous safety instructions to adhere to.

One Scoot passenger apparently didn’t get the memo when she let her child stand up as the plane was taxiing after landing.

A video of a cabin crew member berating her for allowing this recently went viral online, dividing netizens’ opinions.

Scoot has since issued a statement confirming that the incident happened on one of their flights — way back in 2021.

While the company emphasised that passengers should remain seated during take-off and landing, they apologised and admitted that things could’ve been handled better.

Scoot stewardess scolds passenger for letting child stand up during landing

The short clip, which was posted on both Douyin and TikTok on Wednesday (1 Nov), shows an air stewardess berating a passenger on a plane.

Based on her black and yellow uniform, the encounter likely happened on board a Scoot flight.scoot standscoot stand

Source: Douyin

The text overlay also claims that the incident occurred on Tuesday (31 Oct) after the plane landed in Singapore.

While the aircraft was still taxiing on the runway, a young child apparently took off her seatbelt and stood up.

This shocked the flight attendant, who quickly went over and began scolding the girl’s mother.

“Do you know how dangerous this is?” she yelled. “If anything happened to the child, I’d have to write a report, and that report is very long.”

The stewardess went on to question the passenger’s parenting skills.scoot standscoot stand

Source: Douyin

“You are her mother, you should stop her. You have more sense than her,” she said.

The post also included an account from the person who allegedly took the video.

They said that the child did not make any noise and had stood up because other passengers were turning on their mobile phones and unbuckling their seatbelts.

“She could have just given a quick reminder and be done with it, but who could’ve expected the cabin crew to come over and tell her off so loudly,” the OP wrote.

“Nobody in the plane dared to move. An extremely unhappy travel experience!”

Netizens divided over air stewardess’ actions

Users on both TikTok and Douyin had plenty to say about what they saw.

Some were on the flight attendant’s side, saying that she did the right thing by scolding the woman.

Source: Douyin

Others remarked that this incident reflects how some parents these days “simply don’t know how to teach their children.”scoot standscoot stand

Source: TikTok

On the other hand, some were a bit more critical of how the flight attendant handled the matter.

This comment reads, “Indeed, but the air stewardess could’ve relaxed a bit. After all, the customer is God. I hope the airline lets her write a report.”

Source: Douyin

Speaking of the report, many also pointed out that it was “unprofessional” of her to mention it at all.scoot standscoot stand

Source: TikTok

Scoot apologises, admits incident could’ve been handled better

As it turns out, this wasn’t even a recent incident at all.

Responding to queries from MS News, a Scoot representative confirmed that the footage was from a Scoot flight that operated in August 2021.

“At Scoot, the safety of our customers and crew is our top priority,” the statement reads.

“All passengers are required to be seated and have their seatbelts securely fastened during take-off and landing, and will only be allowed to leave their seats when the seatbelt sign has been turned off.”

That said, Scoot also acknowledged that the flight attendant “could have handled the situation better” and apologised to customers for the experience.

“We will continue to review our processes and training to improve our customers’ experience,” they added.

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