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Tanglin Pig House Has Massive Hog Head Entrance, Looks Like Where Peppa Would Stay

Tanglin Pig House Design Comes With Pig Statues In Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Most of us have seen our fair share of unique houses in Singapore, from ones that look like an animal museum to others that resemble mansions in Beverly Hills.

Recently, a pink pig house supposedly in Tanglin went viral on TikTok, except it’s not quite what it seems.

As amazing as the home looks, speculations have arisen about whether the house exists in the real world. Whatever the case may be, it does look like a place where Peppa Pig would happily stay if she was in Singapore.

$2.7 million pig house in Tanglin goes viral on Facebook

Last month, TikTok page @exoticproperties uploaded a series of pictures showcasing a “$2.7 million house in Singapore”.

Right from the start, it’s clear how the page got its name.

Standing at the entrance of the two-storey house is a pink hog guardian, complete with a dazed expression and smile.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Despite not appearing as menacing as the stone lion statues we commonly see, the structure’s size is intimidating enough.

After making it past the entrance, the video shows the pig ‘guardian’ making more appearances in almost all rooms in the house.

For instance, in the master bedroom, a pink pig head extends from the wall in place of a regular headboard. Anyone sleeping there surely wouldn’t be lying if they said that they felt something watching them.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Over in the kids’ bedroom, the role of protector falls upon six adorable piglets.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Pig statues stand guard over toilets, living room & kitchen

The pig theme doesn’t just stop in the bedrooms. Toilets in the house are also ‘guarded’ by pig statues.

Although most people would be put off by the idea of standing in the bathroom all day, this bright pink pig doesn’t seem to mind it one bit.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Meanwhile, in the kids’ bathroom, a pig statue bearing graffiti art ‘squats’ in a corner.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Giant pig heads seem to be a common theme throughout the home, as a hog head with a menacing expression stands guard in the living room as if wondering why hoomans would choose to sit on sofas rather than straw.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Conversely, the smiling pigs in the lounge have friendlier expressions, their snouts looking like air vents that keep the room well-ventilated while residents and guests chill out.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Ham and bacon aren’t the only types of pig in the kitchen, where a two-faced piglet appears to be ‘hiding’ below the dining table, as if afraid it would end up being the next dinner.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Netizens speculate home is AI-generated

Perhaps realising how ridiculous the design looks, some TikTok users speculated in the comments about whether the home could be Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated.

Source: TikTok

This seems consistent with other posts by the account, as viewers often discuss whether the properties are even real. Here’s an example of a discussion and argument for why the images could likely be AI-generated.

Source: TikTok

Interestingly, the link on the account’s profile leads to a page which states that they’d “create and post” a customised house for users who donate £10 (S$16.73). The page doesn’t declare whether the channel created the designs using AI.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Like the funky pig house, the TikTok account posted a similarly quirky, cactus-themed house, also in Tanglin, earlier in September.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Of all the wild home designs including Pokémon, Star Wars, and Scooby Doo, the Pig House in Tanglin remains one of the page’s most viral houses.

Source: @exoticproperties on TikTok

Would you want to live in the Pig House if you had the chance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @exoticproperties on TikTok.

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