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Canadian Ex-Minister Calls Nasi Lemak Best Breakfast In S’pore, M’sians Are Not Having It

Canadian Ex-Minister Calls Nasi Lemak Best Breakfast In Singapore

For as long as we can remember, Malaysians and Singaporeans have butted heads over who has the better food.

It seems that this is one debate that might never end anytime soon, having resurfaced on Twitter recently.

A former minister in Canada took to the social media platform to praise Singapore’s nasi lemak, calling it the “most delicious breakfast”.

Source: Twitter

In response, Malaysian users try to get her to shift her attention to Malaysia’s version of nasi lemak instead.

Canadian ex-minister calls Singapore’s nasi lemak delicious

On 6 June, Canada’s former Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, took to Twitter to share an image of her breakfast for the day.

It was a plate of nasi lemak with two slices of chicken and a sunny side up egg. Other ingredients included ikan bilis, sambal and two chips.

Source: Twitter

Ms McKenna seemed to enjoy the meal, stating in her caption that it was the “most delicious breakfast in Singapore”.

Malaysians say their nasi lemak is better

However, Ms McKenna’s caption was not one that Twitter seemed to agree with.

Many expressed their discontent, pointing out that the meal was not comparable to Malaysia’s nasi lemak.

Source: Twitter

One user shared a picture of nasi lemak in Malaysia to highlight the difference.

Source: Twitter

Boasting a sizeable side of chicken and plenty of sambal, it does look pretty impressive.

A few netizens slammed the meal portions, with one comparing the sambal to a serving of ketchup.

Source: Twitter

Another user jokingly recommended crossing the border to Johor for anyone searching for good food in Singapore.

Source: Twitter

Fortunately, Ms McKenna seems to have taken the reaction to her tweet in good faith.

Source: Twitter

She agreed that the portions in her nasi lemak were pretty meagre. In addition, she would be willing to try out food in Kuala Lumpur.

Debate on dish likely to continue

The debate between Singaporeans and Malaysians on which nasi lemak tastes better will likely rage on for the years to come.

Until it finally ends, we ought to make the best of both worlds and enjoy the different cuisines available.

Hopefully, Ms McKenna will get the chance to try out nasi lemak in Malaysia and enjoy what the other side of the border has to offer.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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