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Food For Bukit Batok Community Cat Allegedly Gets Kicked, Man Scoops It Up For Feline

Community Cat’s Food Gets Scattered, TikTok Creator Scoops It Together

Community cats are a beloved part of Singapore’s HDB culture. These adorable friends typically survive on the kindness of residents and the food they provide.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as kind as they should be. A TikTok creator in Singapore, @darrenfongg, recently came across one such case.

Chancing upon a cat whose kibbles were scattered all over the floor, he assumed that someone might have kicked the cat’s food.

Netizens who came across the video expressed anger at such a cruel act. They also praised Darren for scooping the food back so the cat could eat it.

Dry food meant for community scattered all over the floor

In the video, Darren claimed that someone had kicked the food that was meant for the community cat. Perhaps addressing the alleged perpetrator, he wrote in the captions within the video, “Seriously, if you don’t like cats, just walk away, don’t have to kick it’s food.”

The footage showed a black cat sitting seemingly solemnly as its dry food lay all over the ground.

community cat foodcommunity cat food

Source: @darrenfongg on TikTok

He then used a paper bag he happened to be holding to scoop the scattered food back into a pile.

At the precise moment the food was back in a pile, the black cat quickly approached to have its meal.

community cat foodcommunity cat food

Source: @darrenfongg on TikTok

In the caption to his post, Darren urged viewers to make a conscious effort to help their community cats. “Just walk away if you hate cats, they deserve better.”

Responding to queries from MS News, he shared that he came across the pitiful sight on Monday (15 May) in Bukit Batok.

According to him, the cat has been there for the past 10 years. He will usually keep an eye out for the feline when he’s at the void deck.

That day, Darren was on his way to the gym and saw the cat sitting there looking depressed. “So, I went over to show some concern,” he said.

He shared that most residents love the cat, so he did not have second thoughts about helping it.

Commenters praise man for his act of kindness

In the comments section, TikTok users praised Darren for his thoughtful actions.

Source: TikTok

Some eagle-eyed viewers, meanwhile, noticed that he used a bag from wholefoods retailer Scoop to scoop up the cat’s food.

Source: TikTok

There were also some who thought that the cat might have accidentally messed up its own food. However, Darren noted that there is still a possibility it was done by someone, as the cat’s house allegedly got thrown away recently too.

Source: TikTok

Regardless, there’s certainly no harm in Darren’s call for the community to look out for the vulnerable creatures.

At the end of the day, these cats are just trying to survive too, and they often don’t bring harm to anyone.

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Featured image adapted from @darrenfongg on TikTok

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