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Woman Allegedly Has ‘Worst Date Ever' With Man From S'pore, S'poreans Apologise For Her Experience

Woman Claims Man From Singapore Gave Her The ‘Worst Date Ever’

The world of dating can be a bumpy one, as you never quite know what to expect.

In the best-case scenario, a date can eventually lead to true love. But for others, it can be an experience that one would rather forget.

Unfortunately for one woman travelling in Japan, a recent first date she went on with a man from Singapore fell into the second Singapore worst date everman Singapore worst date ever

Source: TikTok

Due to a lack of chemistry and some awkward gestures from the man, she called it the “worst date ever”.

Her story subsequently went viral, even prompting Singaporeans to apologise on behalf of the man.

Man from Singapore asked to join woman’s dinner plans before even having first date

Earlier this week (17 Oct), content creator Tiffany Chen shared the story of her “worst date ever”, which took place in Tokyo.

It was the first date she had gone on in Tokyo… and it ended up being “a total waste of time”, she lamented.

Prior to their first date, the man had asked her if she wanted to go for dinner and drinks.

Ms Chen then declined as she already had dinner plans, to which the man asked if he could join.

This puzzled her as she and the man did not know each other at Singapore worst date everman Singapore worst date ever

Source: TikTok

“Why would you want to join a dinner with someone else? You freak,” she said while relating the story.

Unhindered, the man then asked her out for drinks instead, to which Ms Chen agreed.

Woman calls conversation with man from Singapore ‘abysmal’

Upon meeting in person, Ms Chen was immediately disappointed by the man’s looks.

To demonstrate the difference between his online and real-life appearances, she held up an opened plastic box to represent his profile picture.

“His head is this big,” she said, pointing to a small Japanese character on the Singapore worst date everman Singapore worst date ever

Source: TikTok

“When you zoom in, it looks like a nice face,” she remarked, before implying that seeing him in person was a far cry from what his profile picture had led her to believe.

To her surprise, the bar the man brought her to had a 900 yen (S$8) seating fee.

After one drink, the man invited her to go to the next bar, to which she sharply declined.

“I’m going to get my money’s worth in case you ask me to split the bill, which you look like you will,” she explained.

They did not have much common ground to connect over either, with Ms Chen calling their conversation “abysmal”.

Man asks woman to split the bill without hesitation

Given how they did not have much to talk about, Ms Chen randomly asked him when the last time he cried was, to which he replied last year.

As for Ms Chen, she openly confessed to the man that she had just cried the night before.

Perhaps in a clumsy attempt to crack a joke, he then asked her if it was because he did not respond to her message.

At this point in the video, Ms Chen pretended to vomit to demonstrate how much she detested his Singapore worst date everman Singapore worst date ever

Source: TikTok

Later, as they were about to leave the bar, she took out her credit card to pay.

True to her prediction, the man immediately asked her if she wanted to split the bill.

Recounting her internal monologue, she said, “Yes, I do want to split the bill, and then I want to get out of here, and I never want to see you again.”

Source: TikTok

Sadly for her, she ended up agreeing to go to a second bar as the first bar did not accept two cards, so the man told her she could “get the next one”.

However, the second part of the date bombed even harder as she claimed they merely sat together in silence.

Still seemingly unfazed, he asked Ms Chen if she would like to go to another bar.

By this point, she did not wish to spend any more time with him. As such, she lied that she was tired and managed to muster a hug before they finally parted ways.

“Thank you for the drinks and the worst date. Goodbye forever,” she concluded.

Singaporeans apologise on behalf of the man’s actions

On top of going viral, Ms Chen’s video also attracted plenty of reactions from Singaporeans.

Many of them sympathised with her unsuccessful date and apologised on behalf of the man.

Source: TikTok

One commenter even went as far as to say that Singaporean men “ain’t it” (don’t make the cut).man Singapore worst date everman Singapore worst date ever

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, one Singaporean kept her response short and sweet by simply saying that Ms Chen’s experience “sounds about right”.

Source: TikTok

Another remarked that it would have been cheaper for Ms Chen to have paid the first bill herself and leave.

Source: TikTok

On the flip side, one person took offence at all the comments that were critical of Singaporean men and suggested that it isn’t any better dating a Singaporean woman either.

Source: TikTok

No matter what stance one might have on this, we can all agree that it is always disappointing when a date doesn’t go well.

Nonetheless, we wish Ms Chen all the best and hope her next date will fare at least a little better.

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