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This 27-Year-Old Said Yes To A One-Day Date In Paris With A Stranger For S$100

27-Year-Old Goes On One-Day Date In Paris With A Stranger

Some quotes have been edited for brevity and clarity.

What would you do if someone approached you on the street and asked you out on an overseas date in exchange for S$100?

While most would brush the offer off with at least some suspicion, a girl in Singapore gamely agreed.

Hailey Tay, 27, said yes to a one-day date in Paris with a stranger in one of TheSmartLocal Media Group’s (TSL) #TSL10 10th anniversary S$100 challenges.

Not only did she visit the Eiffel Tower and eat croissants at Parisian cafés with TSL content creator John Edward Lim, but she also returned home S$100 richer — and with a bag of baguettes.

MS News spoke to Hailey about the unique experience and how she feels about it retrospectively.

Calls Paris one-day date the ‘craziest first date ever’

As part of #TSL10, John went on the streets of Orchard Road to see if he could score a partner for a one-day trip to Paris in exchange for S$100.

After several unfortunate encounters, he found his match in 27-year-old Hailey Tay.

Initially, she questioned whether he was serious about the offer and if he was flying her there. Upon hearing that Singapore Airlines was sponsoring the flights, she took the leap of faith.

Source: thesmartlocalsg on TikTok

“This is the craziest first date ever,” Hailey noted while on the Paris-bound flight.

There, the pair went on an outing that included visiting the Eiffel Tower, having croissants and hot chocolate at a Parisian café, as well as soaking in the sunshine at a park.

Source: thesmartlocalsg on TikTok

Hailey then concluded this date of a lifetime with a bag of baguettes and a S$100 cash prize.

Someone else approached her to do a TikTok dance before John showed up

Speaking to MS News, Hailey shared that she initially expected John to ask her to do a TikTok dance for the challenge.

Apparently, that was exactly what happened about half an hour before John showed up.

“I feel like Orchard Road is becoming content creator street, and coming here is like entering dance dance dystopia,” she joked.

John then shocked Hailey with his offer.

Source: thesmartlocalsg on TikTok

“I thought it was too good to be true, and my inner scam alert was on maximum,” she said.

She eventually agreed as she knew of the TSL brand, she remarked.

Parents of girl who went on one-day Paris date with stranger were initially concerned

When asked about her family and friend’s reactions, Hailey admitted that her parents had their reservations. However, the concerns faded once they heard that Singapore Airlines (SIA) would sponsor the entire trip.

“Can you tell the degree of trust my parents have in SIA?” she jested.

Source: thesmartlocalsg on TikTok

“Meanwhile, my friends didn’t hold back in telling me that I would probably lose a kidney there.

“My boss just wanted to be sure I would turn up on Monday for a meeting. Priorities,” she related.

Visit to Parisian park & SIA food her favourite parts of the trip

She shared her most memorable experience from the date: “Lying down on the grass at the park, soaking in the sunlight, breathing in cool autumn air and musing about life.”

Source: thesmartlocalsg on TikTok

On top of that, Hailey highlighted the food on the SIA flights as one of her favourite things about the trip.

“Ironically, what we thought was going to be the highlight of the trip — hot chocolate with the cream on top — turned out to be the most underwhelming part,” she laughed.

“We couldn’t stop harping on how ridiculously heaty and jelak this expensive drink was throughout our tasting. But being disillusioned never felt or tasted so good!”

Intends to use the money to treat content team to a meal

In retrospect, Hailey looks back at this once-in-a-lifetime first date with much fondness.

“It reaffirmed my belief that being open to new experiences can be scary but also super rewarding,” she said.

Source: thesmartlocalsg on TikTok

At the same time, the 27-year-old emphasised that she was never in it for the money.

In fact, she intends to put the money from this experience into treating “the hardworking team that created this experience” to a meal.

As to whether there will be a second date, Hailey only has this to say, “Who knows where the winds of fate may blow us, so I leave it to destiny!”

TSL Media Group celebrating 10th birthday

This S$100 Challenge is part of TSL Media Group’s #TSL10 birthday campaign.

The campaign started with food and beverage giveaways totalling S$35,000 in September, in partnership with brands such as Jinjja Chicken and The Alley.

In October, sites under TSL Media Group are rolling out more S$100 Challenges at various locations.

If you’re interested in winning cash prizes, follow MS News, TheSmartLocal, Eatbook, Zula and Uchify on Instagram and TikTok for more details.

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