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JB Condo Unit Has Mushrooms Growing & Stains On Walls, Resembles Scenes From 'The Last Of Us'

Mushrooms Take Over Neglected Condo Unit In JB

The presence of fungi or mould in an apartment is often a sign of improper maintenance or underlying issues with the house’s structure.

Recently, a Facebook user shared photos of fully-grown mushrooms and mould inside a condo apartment in Johor Bahru (JB).

Source: Facebook

The dilapidated state of the house looked like scenes from ‘The Last of Us’ television series, in which cordyceps had taken over the world.

JB condo unit has mushrooms growing from stained walls

Photos of the fungi-infested apartment were shared in a Facebook group on Saturday (7 Oct).

The post has since gone viral with nearly 1,000 shares within several hours.

In one of the photos, a cluster of mushrooms popped out from the corner of a badly stained wall.

Source: Facebook

In another corner, fungi resembling edible oyster mushrooms emerged from the wooden skirting.

Source: Facebook

There were even fungi that creeped out in tendrils from what appeared to be a metal cabinet.

Source: Facebook

Besides the alien-looking fungi, the walls and ceilings of the apartment were also tainted with brown stains and mouldy patches.

Source: Facebook

Even though it’s unclear how the stains came about, they look similar to those caused by water damage.

The mushrooms, however, may be caused by several factors:

MoistureLack of air circulationLeaky pipesPoor ventilationHigh humidity

Not the first of such complaints

In the accompanying caption, the OP shared that the photos were taken at an R&F development close to Woodlands Causeway.

A cursory search on Google revealed that R&F Princess Cove is the only development that fits the description.

Interestingly, Lianhe Wanbao had reported about similar issues back in 2019, closer to its completion date the year before.

Source: 早报Kopitiam on Facebook

MS News has reached out to the OP and R&F Princess Cove for more information. We’ll update this article when they get back.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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