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Father Signs 'Contract' With Daughters So They Won't Have Boyfriends Until Graduation

Father Signs ‘Contract’ With Daughters To Prevent Them From Dating Until Graduation

A doting father’s love knows no bounds, especially when it comes to protecting their children from the dangers of this world.

One area that fathers are particularly protective in is dating, most likely because they see their daughters as little girls for life.

In fact, some dads have a pretty interesting way of showing that protectiveness.

One Malaysian father recently went viral after revealing that he signed a ‘contract’ with his daughters that prevents them from dating until they graduate.

father contract daughtersfather contract daughters

Source: TikTok

Furthermore, graduation from high school won’t count — they would have to get a university degree.

Father draws up documents for ‘contract’ with daughters

In a video posted on Monday (25 Sep), TikTok user @abah_double_sumayyah documented the signing of the ‘contract’ with his two daughters.

Via his caption, the OP said that they have to sign an agreement when they are at this age, referring to his infant and toddler-aged kids.

The contract looked every bit like an official document, with the cover letter stating in big fonts that his daughters are not to have boyfriends until they finish school.

father contract daughtersfather contract daughters

Source: TikTok

Right above the title was a header that said ‘agreement form between dad and dad’s kids’.

The bottom of the cover letter even contained two lines for both parties to sign.

Later in the video, OP could be seen diligently explaining the terms of the contract to his children.

Judging by their blank expressions, however, it is unclear how much of it actually registered with them.

Father stresses that daughters must get diploma & degree before having a boyfriend

At one point, the OP also specified to his daughters that the contract does not expire upon completion of high school.

“You have to get your diploma and degree, then you can have a boyfriend, okay? Can (big sister) do that? Promise?” OP asked, referring to his elder daughter.

He then signed the documents, before getting both kids’ signatures. However, ‘signature’ might be a bit of a loose term to describe what the OP’s infant daughter scrawled.

father contract daughtersfather contract daughters

Source: TikTok

Following that, he shook hands with his daughters while holding up the signed document, making the entire signing appear extra ceremonial.

Single viewers wonder if their fathers cursed them by signing a similar contract

The video prompted a host of amused reactions from viewers, some of whom wondered if their singledom was due to them entering a similar contract at a young age.

One said their dad might have made such an agreement back then, as they had remained single until now.

Source: TikTok

Another echoed their sentiments, saying that they probably signed this contract when they were young, having stayed single until now.

Source: TikTok

Other viewers had different witty takes on the video. One said that the children had no way to run from the contract since there was video evidence.

father contract daughtersfather contract daughters

Source: TikTok

One commenter even quipped that the agreement was legally non-binding as the signees were underage. 

Source: TikTok

Regardless of how seriously the OP takes this contract, this will surely be a humorous yet wholesome memory for the whole family to look back on when his daughters are older.

Did you sign a similar agreement when you were young? Share with us how it went in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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