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M’sian Woman Saves Lives Of 6 People Via Organ Donation After Being Declared Brain Dead

Malaysian Brain Dead Woman Saves Lives Of Six People After Family Decides To Donate Her Organs

Losing a close family member is never easy. Nonetheless, it can bring some comfort to know that one’s death can go towards saving others, in the form of organ donation.

Following her brain death, a Malaysian woman’s family opted to donate her organs, saving the lives of six people by doing so.donate organs six peopledonate organs six people

Source: China Press

Altogether, the woman was able to donate a pair of corneas, two kidneys, and her liver.

Since then, her family has learned that all the organ recipients have seen their health improve, proving that the woman’s legacy will live on in others.

Woman declared brain-dead after experiencing headaches & vomiting

Last Saturday (11 Nov), China Press reported that 37-year-old Wu Bimei (transliterated from Chinese) had passed away after being diagnosed with an air embolism.

In late October, she suddenly began to experience headaches and vomiting.

Upon diagnosis, it was revealed that she had an air embolism. A rare condition, it occurs when one or more air bubbles enter a vein or artery and block it, according to Healthline.

After switching to a new hospital for treatment, Mdm Wu’s health took a turn for the worse when her heart stopped.

Doctors were able to restore her heartbeat after performing CPR. Unfortunately, they later discovered shadows in her brain.

Upon further examination, they found that her brain lacked oxygen, and declared her brain-dead.

Family members agreed to donate her organs to give others a chance at a new life

Seeing as Mdm Wu was relatively young at the time of death, doctors determined that her organs were still in relatively good shape.

As such, they asked her family members to consider donating her organs to those in need.donate organs six peopledonate organs six people

Source: China Press

Initially, there was some hesitation. Mdm Wu’s elder sister, Wu Biyun (transliterated from Chinese), revealed that she wondered if the recipients of the organs would cherish them.

However, she eventually came around when she thought about how the organ donation would allow her sister to live on, albeit in a different way.

“After all, the recipients have waited a long time for a transplant, and they finally have a chance at a new life, so I think they would value it very much.” she said.

Mdm Wu’s mother, Bo Mei Jiao (transliterated from Chinese), was also in support of the decision.

Despite her grief over losing her daughter at such a young age, Mdm Bo felt happy and relieved knowing that her daughter’s organs will help others.

Similarly, Mdm Wu’s 21-year-old son, Fang Chang Sheng, said that the incident has made him consider becoming an organ donor himself

He called on everyone to do the same as well.

All six people who received woman’s organs have already seen health improve

Mdm Wu’s family’s decision to donate her organs was able to benefit around six people.

Since her organ donation surgery on 2 Nov (Thursday), all the recipients have already seen gradual improvements in their health.

According to Mdm Bo, one recipient was finally able to urinate on their own after receiving a transplant.

Mdm Wu’s sister also shared that doctors will continue to provide updates on the recipients’ conditions.

Interestingly, Mdm Wu’s organ donation took place on the same day as the Goddess of Mercy’s birthday, leading her family to believe that it was a form of blessing.

While she was alive, Mdm Wu’s family described her as a loving person who cared a lot about those around her.donate organs six peopledonate organs six people

Source: China Press

As the owner of a traditional Chinese medicine business, she often ended up making friends with her customers.

In fact, one of them even travelled from another state to attend her wake.

MS News extends our deepest condolences to Mdm Wu’s family.

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Featured image adapted from China Press.

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