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S‘pore Feng Shui Master Accused Of Sexually Harassing Disciples, At Least 5 Police Reports Lodged

Female Disciples Of Singaporean Feng Shui Master Report Him For Sexual Harassment

A Singaporean feng shui master has landed in hot water after at least five female disciples lodged police reports against him for sexual harassment.

The 40-year-old had amassed a large following here on the back of claims that he is the disciple of a famous master from Hong Kong.feng shui master harassmentfeng shui master harassment

Image for illustration purposes only. Source: Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

However, he has since been accused of charging exorbitant fees for his services, misusing followers’ personal details, and forcing them to purchase expensive alcohol under the guise of ‘sacrificial offerings’.

Police have since confirmed the reports, and investigations are ongoing.

Multiple disciples allege that feng shui master touched them inappropriately

Last Thursday (9 Nov), Shin Min Daily News reported that multiple female disciples had come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the feng shui master.feng shui master harassmentfeng shui master harassment

Source: Shin Min Daily News

One of them, Miss Ouyang (names have been changed to protect the victims’ identities) said that the master drunkenly kissed her on many occasions.

Meanwhile, another member named Miss Bai alleged that he touched her thigh mere weeks after she joined the academy.

She also revealed that the master would broach inappropriate topics with her, such as his marital sex life.

“He said his wife could not fulfil his sexual needs, and as a man, he has his urges.” she shared.

Feeling uncomfortable, she then suggested that the master discuss such matters with his wife instead.

Additionally, a third member named Miss Lan said the master touched her thigh and tried to take photos of her derrière.

Feng shui master allegedly demanded exorbitant sums of money as ‘processing fees’

At the same time, disciples have claimed that the feng shui master would demand anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars as ‘processing fees’ for his services.

Following that, they would have to pay S$150 as a monthly fee.

Furthermore, the feng shui master would charge exorbitant amounts for rituals, with feng shui adjustments costing S$2,000.

The prices were also not fixed, and would be determined on a case-by-case basis.

To the disciples’ knowledge, one follower allegedly spent as much as S$100,000 on these rituals. In addition to that, the master would charge a 10% commission for every disciple who won the lottery.

According to Ms Lan, she and her husband have spent S$20,000 on various rituals since joining.

Feng shui master made followers purchase expensive alcohol for ‘sacrificial offerings’

Followers interviewed by Shin Min Daily News revealed that the feng shui master had a penchant for expensive alcohol.

Using the excuse of offering sacrifices to deities, he would often demand disciples to purchase only certain types of alcohol, such as stout beer and Chivas whiskey aged 18 years or more.

He would also not accept “cheaper” types of alcohol, nor vodka or tequila.

Whenever followers would show any insubordination, the master would use their birth details against them to threaten and coerce them into compliance.

As a result, some disciples became afraid of going against him.

At the peak of his popularity, the master had around 100 disciples. 60 to 70% of them were women between the ages of 20 and 40 years old.

Followers gradually dropped out over feng shui master’s escalating misbehaviour

At one point, several disciples decided to contact the Hong Kong master whom the man claimed he had learned from.

To their surprise, the master denied that the man was his disciple and that he had only taken lessons with him for three months.

He was later allegedly expelled over misconduct.

Upon realising the truth, many disciples promptly quit the academy, and the number of followers has since dwindled to a little over 20.

“Initially, we genuinely wanted to learn from him. However, later on, we felt that his behaviour had crossed a moral line. Because of this, we decided to quit and lodge a police report.” said Ms Lan.

A Shin Min Daily News reporter had visited the master’s office and residence to interview him, but received no response.

Similarly, he has not responded to any calls or reply to any messages at the time of writing.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News and Alexandra Schimmeck on Unsplash.

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