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Baby Cobra Allegedly Seen At Sembawang Playground, Concerns Arise For Children Playing There

Baby Black Spitting Cobra Allegedly Seen At Playground In Sembawang

Whenever snakes make appearances in residential estates, alarm bells start ringing. So when an alleged baby cobra appeared at a playground — of all places — in Sembawang, people understandably became worried.

Source: Facebook

Despite the reptile’s relatively small size, some expressed concerns for children playing at the playground, especially since the snake could be potentially venomous.

Baby cobra seen wriggling at Sembawang playground

Footage of the serpent was shared in the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group on Saturday (7 Oct).

In the short reel, a seemingly small and thin, dark-coloured snake can be seen slithering on the playground’s colourful surface.

Source: Facebook

As the OP got closer to the snake, the serpent slowly crept away from the playground structures.

Speaking to MS News, the OP shared that the snake sighting occurred at the playground at Block 362 Sembawang Crescent.

He also claimed that pest control had already caught and removed one snake the week prior, which made this the second cobra seen there in two weeks. He thus suspects that an adult snake could have laid eggs nearby.

Upon seeing the video, many Facebook users expressed their concern and advised families visiting the playground to be wary.

Source: Facebook

Netizens claim snake is a spitting cobra

Sure enough, some netizens have identified the snake as a black spitting cobra, though we’re unable to confirm it at the time of writing.

According to NParks’ website, such cobras can grow up to 1 metre in length. Their defence mechanism includes spraying venom into the eyes of their adversaries if warnings fail.

The venom can apparently cause discomfort and even temporary blindness if it enters the eye.

The venomous snake is apparently common in scrublands and suburban areas in Singapore. Some have even made their way into houses.

MS News has reached out to the Sembawang Town Council for more information on the case. We’ll update this article if they get back.

Despite the general concern, we hope this was a one-off sighting and that the snake ended up at the playground by accident. Hopefully, it found its way to some greener areas where it could live happily, keeping itself and the residents in the area safe.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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