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67-Year-Old Man Found Dead In Braddell Flat, No Foul Play Suspected


Police Find Dead 67-Year-Old Man In Braddell Flat, No Foul Play Suspected

In an unfortunate case, police found a man, 67, dead in a Braddell flat on Monday (13 Nov).

The police are currently investigating the incident as an unnatural death.

However, they also do not suspect foul play at this time.

Police find man dead in Braddell flat

According to The Straits Times (ST), police were alerted to the case yesterday (13 Nov) at 4.10pm.

They found a 67-year-old man motionless in a private estate flat at Block 10R Braddell Hill. A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) paramedic pronounced him dead at the scene.

Source: Google Maps

Passers-by spotted four police cars, an SCDF ambulance, and later, a police hearse at the scene past 5pm.

Police classified the case as an unnatural death and are currently investigating.

However, they do not suspect any foul play at this time.

MS News extends our sincere condolences to the loved ones of the deceased.

Last week, a 63-year-old man was found dead in an Eunos HDB unit.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps.

Fake WhatsApp Web Pages Trick Victims Out Of S$606K, At Least 237 Affected


At Least 237 Victims Fall For Phishing Scam Involving Fake WhatsApp Web Pages

Since the start of November, at least 237 victims have fallen for a scam involving fake Whatsapp Web pages.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said on 13 Nov that the victims have lost over S$606,000 to these scams.

They have urged members of the public to adopt security measures such as enabling the messaging app’s two-step verification feature.

Scam using fake Whatsapp Web pages claims at least 237 victims

According to The Straits Times (ST), SPF released a statement on 13 Nov revealing further details of the phishing scam.

At least 237 victims have been affected since the start of November, with total losses coming up to about S$606,000.

The cases would involve users clicking on unverified URL links when trying to sign in via WhatsApp Web.

After gaining control of unsuspecting victims’ WhatsApp accounts, the scammers would proceed to contact their family or friends.

Scammers would request money for medical emergencies

Typical claims from scammers included needing money to pay for urgent purchases. In other incidents, they’d claim they had to help a friend or relative experiencing financial distress.

There were times when the scammers would request money to pay off bills for medical emergencies. They’d also claim their bank accounts were restricted after they exceeded transfer limits.

Source: Asterfolio on Unsplash for illustration purposes only

In some cases, scammers would ask contacts to send a screenshot of the transfer to request more funds later.

They would then ask the contacts to transfer the money to an unfamiliar bank account or a PayNow number that would appear to belong to the owner of the compromised WhatsApp account.

“Victims would realise they had been scammed after contacting or being contacted by their family or friends who claim not to have received any monies,” SPF said.

Public should adopt security measures

The police have thus advised members of the public to adopt security measures, which would include the following:Enabling WhatsApp’s two-step verification featureOnly using WhatsApp Web’s official websiteBeing wary after receiving unusual requests on WhatsAppRefraining from sharing WhatsApp account verification codesChecking linked devices on WhatsApp regularly

For more information on scams, members of the public can visit Scam Alert.

In addition, they can call the Anti-Scam Helpline at 1800-722-6688.

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Featured image adapted from Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash, for illustration purposes only.

Man Who Died With 9-Year-Old Son In PIE Accident Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife Due Next Month


Man Who Passed Away In PIE Accident Has Pregnant Wife Due To Give Birth Next Month

Last Saturday (11 Nov), a fatal accident on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) left a 39-year-old motorcyclist and his nine-year-old son dead.

The 68-year-old driver of the truck involved in the collision reportedly fled the scene of the accident. Police were eventually able to track him down later that day.

According to the deceased man’s brother, the victim took his son to football training thrice a week.

He leaves behind a younger child and a pregnant wife, who is due to give birth next month.

Father & son die in PIE accident

The shocking accident happened at around 10am on 11 Nov.

A truck and a motorcycle collided on the PIE, with the motorcyclist and pillion rider passing away at the scene.

Photos show two blue police tents marking their bodies some distance apart, with the motorcycle even further down the highway.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

To make things even worse, the truck driver allegedly fled the scene after the accident.

The police traced the truck driver extensively and successfully found him at noon, reported Shin Min Daily News. They arrested him over careless driving causing death.

Numerous officers gathered at a carpark in Hougang, where they also located the truck. It carried a large diesel tank on its truck bed.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

The investigation continued into the night, with the truck towed away at around 8pm.

Man drove his son to football practice frequently

Although the alleged culprit is in the hands of the law, the pain of losing two loved ones remains strong within the victims’ family.

The victims are 39-year-old Muhammadhu B Abdul Hamid and his nine-year-old son, Muhammad Zaahir B Muhammadhu.

Source: Fairus Valencia on Facebook

Mr Muhammadhu’s younger brother explained that Zaahir had football training thrice a week. Thus, his father would drive him to and from the training site, reported Shin Min Daily News.

He happened to be taking Zaahir via motorcycle that fateful day when the accident occurred.

One of Mr Muhammadhu’s brothers posted on Facebook, stating that their Muslim funeral took place on the afternoon of 12 Nov.

Deceased’s pregnant wife due next month

Mr Muhammadhu also leaves behind a younger seven-year-old son as well as a pregnant wife, who is due to give birth next month.

His brother added that his parents and sister have temporarily moved in with Mr Muhammadhu’s wife to take care of her physically and mentally.

“This is an especially difficult time for our family and loved ones,” his brother said. “But I’m confident we can get through it.”

MS News extends our sincere condolences to the loved ones of the deceased. May both father and son rest in peace.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Fairus Valencia on Facebook.

M'sian Immigration Officer Tidies Up Young Girl's Hair For Photo, Gains Widespread Praise


Malaysian Immigration Officer Helps Girl Tidy Up For Photo, Earns Admiration

Taking a passport photo can be a real anxiety-inducer for younger children. After all, your passport will sport that particular image for the next decade or so.

An immigration officer in Malaysia helped assuage some of that fear. He helped a young girl tidy up her hair, presumably before photo-taking.

The officer proved both polite and gentle, while the girl’s father looked on from his wheelchair.

Many netizens extended praise and admiration for the officer’s kind heart.

Immigration officer tidies girl’s hair for photo

A TikTok video posted by user @yanaardh showed the scene at a Malaysian immigration office. A young girl sat still in a chair, presumably about to have her picture taken.

In front of her, a tall, uniformed immigration officer helped her tidy up for the photo.

Source: @yanaardh on TikTok

He gently arranged her hair with his hands while she sat still and straight.

Source: @yanaardh on TikTok

All the while, a man in a wheelchair beside the two, presumably the girl’s father, watched on.

The OP wrote in the text, “I am strong, but I am weak when it comes to matters regarding a father.”

Source: @yanaardh on TikTok

Comments praise officer for kindness

Netizens praised the officer in droves. One claimed that the officer worked in the UTC Pasir Gudang office, commenting that he was very nice and friendly despite sporting a stern-looking face.

Source: TikTok

It seems to be a classic example of not judging a book by its cover.

Someone else claimed that the officer’s name was Razif, adding that there needed to be more officers like him.

Source: TikTok

Another commenter told the government to promote the immigration officer, whose kind act made them cry.

Source: TikTok

The small yet compassionate act probably came as a comfort to the young girl, especially in a government building where we usually expect total strictness.

Last month, another kind act occurred when a man helped an elderly woman cross a Jurong East road.

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Featured image adapted from @yanaardh on TikTok.

M'sian Woman Makes Extremely Complicated Fried Rice Order, Apologises As She's In Confinement


Malaysian Woman In Confinement Asks For Complicated Fried Rice Order That Goes Viral Online

Many restaurants are used to cooking their food in a certain way so as to maintain consistency, but complicated orders can hold up the kitchen and cause difficulties for the cooks.

A woman in Malaysia who said she was in confinement gave extremely detailed instructions to a restaurant for her order.

In a photo of the receipt that has since gone viral, she gave the eatery a list of complicated instructions for a dish of fried rice.

Woman in confinement orders fried rice with additional instructions

Malaysian site Oh! Media shared a picture of the receipt to Facebook on 11 Nov.

Source: Facebook

The receipt showed that the customer had ordered nasi goreng with chilli padi and Tea O Ais – iced tea with no milk – from a local eatery.

Her order for the meal, however, came with a list of instructions that would make anyone feel dizzy just looking at them.

She started off by asking the eatery to please wash the wok and use only fresh oil to cook the rice.

In addition, the woman requested no vegetables, chicken, squid, prawns, egg, soy sauce or belacan.

Instead, the order should only include garlic, onions, bird’s eye chilis, salt and sugar.

She also asked for the nasi goreng to be extra spicy before eventually concluding with an apology as she was currently in confinement after giving birth.

Netizens express incredulity over complicated order

The post has since gone viral with over 800 comments, many criticising the woman for her complicated instructions.

A few netizens suggested that she should cook her meals herself instead of putting the eatery through such trouble.

Source: Facebook

Other users also noted the dangers of eating fried rice in confinement after giving birth.

Source: Facebook

They suggested that consuming something plain would probably be better.

One netizen went so far as to joke that the food would have been ready by the time she had finished typing out the instructions.

Source: Facebook

Regardless of the confusion behind the reasons for her order, here’s hoping the woman did manage to receive a satisfactory meal in the end.

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Featured image adapted from Tradition Kitchens for illustration purposes only and Facebook.

43-Year-Old Lorry Driver Dies Following Accident With Car In Pioneer, Was Trapped Under His Vehicle


43-Year-Old Dies After Being Trapped Under Lorry In Pioneer Accident

A 43-year-old lorry driver lost his life in an accident in Pioneer on Tuesday (14 Nov) morning.

After colliding with a car at a junction, his lorry reportedly tipped over and trapped him underneath.

A paramedic from the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) pronounced the man dead at the scene. They also conveyed the car driver conscious to hospital.

Investigations into the incident are underway.

Accident in Pioneer involved a lorry & a car

According to The Straits Times (ST), police said they received an alert about the accident at 8.25am on Tuesday (14 Nov).

Source: Google Maps

It involved a lorry and a car at the junction of Benoi Road and Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim in Pioneer.

A video of the aftermath circulated on messaging app Telegram shortly after.

The impact of the crash seems to have severely damaged the front of the black car.

Source: Telegram

The crash also appeared to have caused the lorry to topple over on its left side, blocking two whole lanes next to a traffic light.

Source: Telegram

Per the video, there were at least two ambulances, one Light Fire Attack Vehicle — also known as a Red Rhino — and two firetrucks at the scene of the accident.

Source: Telegram

Lorry driver dies at the scene, car driver sent to hospital

The 43-year-old driver of the lorry was reportedly trapped under his vehicle following the collision, ST reported.

Unfortunately, an SCDF paramedic pronounced him dead on arrival. In addition, SCDF personnel had to extricate the man from under the vehicle with rescue equipment.

The SCDF also conveyed a 52-year-old male car driver conscious to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Police investigations into the accident are currently ongoing.

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Featured image adapted from Telegram. 

Thai Taxi Driver Gets Paid S$1.4K For Rushing Foreigner To Airport, Ride Fare Only S$25


Thai Taxi Driver Gets Massive Tip From Tourist After Rushing Them To Airport

A Thai taxi driver practically won the lottery jackpot when he brought a tourist to the wrong airport. In an urgent rush, the passenger promised him a ‘special payment’ if he made it to the right airport on time.

The driver successfully made it to their destination in under 30 minutes. The tourist thus handed him two 500 Euro notes (S$1,456), startling the driver.

He told the driver to keep the change and left. The actual taxi fare was around 677 baht, or S$25.54.

Commenters cast suspicion on the legitimacy of the story, but the driver produced receipts as proof.

Thai taxi driver takes passenger to wrong airport

A Thai taxi driver picked up a tourist intending to head to the airport. Unfortunately, when the taxi pulled into Don Mueang Airport, it turned out to have been a mix-up.

He was actually supposed to drive to Suvarnabhumi Airport. According to Google Maps, the two airports are 45km apart and would take roughly 37 minutes by car.

Source: Google Maps

For a more local context, this would be akin to asking to go to Changi Airport to catch a flight only for the driver to drop you off at Jurong East.

Obviously, this proved quite a major error.

However, the foreigner promised the taxi driver a ‘special payment’ if he could ferry him to Suvarnabhumi Airport in just 30 minutes.

The driver agreed. In a comment, he theorised that the passenger had some important business factor hinging on catching his flight that would cost more to miss than any special payment.

Although the driver did not know what the reward would be, he did not make any demands and ran the taxi meter as normal.

Source: Facebook

Passenger pays 1000 Euros after driver makes it on time

As seen from the Google Maps route, the driver had a tough task. Fortunately, he found the usual highway route uncongested and arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in time for the flight.

The taxi fare ended up at roughly S$25.54 (677 baht), which is fairly high.

However, the passenger simply handed the driver two 500 Euro notes, equating to S$1,456 or 38,632 baht. He said “I gave you change”, insinuating for the driver to keep the change, and left to board his flight.

The surprised driver took to Facebook, showing a photo of the two notes in front of the taxi meter, which still read 677 baht.

Source: Facebook

Such a payment was equivalent to winning a prize in Thailand’s official national lottery.

Source: Wikipedia

Netizens question story authenticity

Numerous commenters cast doubt on the story. One questioned if the notes were authentic, commenting that they looked fake and that it was difficult to find 500 Euro notes.

Source: Facebook

Another noted that the 500 Euro banknote was no longer being produced.

Source: Facebook

The taxi driver countered these by producing a literal receipt. It showed that he had exchanged the Euro notes for 37,600 baht.

Source: Facebook

He also said he was initially afraid to take the money as he was not familiar with the currency and was wary of being scammed.

Furthermore, while the 500 Euro note was no longer being issued, it remains legal tender. An estimated 281 million such banknotes persisted in circulation as of July 2023, according to Wikipedia.

Ultimately, the remarkable payment certainly came as a pleasant surprise to the driver. It also proved itself as a silver lining stemming from an initial mistake that the driver successfully corrected.

Last year, a local man paid a plumber S$100 for unclogging his toilet in five minutes, ultimately judging the price as worth the work done.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

RSAF Fighter Jet Makes Emergency Landing At Changi Airport Due To Malfunction, No Injuries Reported


RSAF F-16 Fighter Jet Makes Emergency Landing At Changi Airport

A fighter jet of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) had to make an emergency landing at Changi Airport on Tuesday (14 Nov) afternoon.

The jet had experienced a malfunction, resulting in the emergency landing.

Fortunately, there were no injuries from this incident.

Following the landing, the jet was towed away from the runway, which is now operational.

‘Malfunction’ caused RSAF fighter jet to make emergency landing, no injuries reported

According to a post on the official Facebook page of the RSAF, the incident occurred on Tuesday (14 Nov).

At around 12.10pm, one of its F-16 fighter jets experienced a “malfunction”.

As a result, the RSAF aircraft had to make an emergency landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Thankfully, the jet landed safely without any injuries.rsaf emergency landingrsaf emergency landing

Source: The Republic of Singapore Air Force on Facebook

Upon landing, they discovered that one of the jet’s tyres had deflated.

The runway it landed on reopened following the removal of the craft and is now operational once again.

Air China plane had to land urgently at Changi Airport due to engine fire in September, 9 passengers suffered minor injuries

This comes about two months after another incident where an Air China flight made an emergency landing at Changi Airport.

Air China Flight CA403 from Chengdu to Singapore requested an emergency landing on 10 Sep, at 3.59pm.

Apparently, the plane’s left engine had burst into flames mid-air. Smoke had filled the cabin as passengers started to notice a pungent burning smell.

Subsequently, the plane successfully landed on Runway 3 of the airport at around 4.15pm.

Airport staff then evacuated all passengers, with nine suffering minor injuries.

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Featured image adapted from The Republic of Singapore Air Force on Facebook and Wikimedia Commons

Ex-Taxi Driver Causes Man's Death At Paya Lebar Taxi Stand, Gets 4 Weeks' Jail & Driving Ban


Former Taxi Driver Gets 4 Weeks’ Jail & Driving Ban For Causing Man’s Death At Paya Lebar

Dozing off, a taxi driver in Singapore, Tan Yu Seng, abruptly woke up and stepped on his accelerator.

The now 70-year-old collided with three motorcycles and a man at a taxi stand in Paya Lebar Square in 2021.

The man suffered several injuries and eventually passed away.

Pleading guilty to one count of driving without due care and attention, Tan received a jail sentence of four weeks.

He has also received an eight-year driving ban for the incident, and has given up on being a taxi driver due to various health conditions.

Former taxi driver causes man’s death at Paya Lebar

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the incident took place at the taxi stand at Paya Lebar Square on 4 Oct 2021.

There were two taxis in front of Tan at the stand and while in the queue, he dozed off.

Source: Google Maps

He later woke up due to a thumping sound on his vehicle and saw that the cars in front of him had driven off.

As a result, he stepped on his accelerator to move forward.

Three motorcycles were parked nearby, and a man was standing in between two of them.

Failing to control the vehicle, Tan collided with the three motorcycles before mounting the kerb.

The impact of the crash flung the man into the air and he fell to the ground.

Man passes away from injuries

The man suffered multiple injuries including numerous fractures and authorities transported him to the hospital.

He subsequently went through several rounds of surgery but experienced complications in the process, including pneumonia.

Due to the man’s liver cirrhosis, he required a blood transfusion as well.

He eventually passed away on 19 Oct 2021, suffering multi-organ failure after sustaining injuries consistent with ones incurred after a traffic accident involving vehicles, according to an autopsy.

Incident described as “rather unusual”

Defending his client, Tan’s lawyer Yek Nai Hui, described the incident as “rather unusual”. He added that it did not occur on the road.

Highlighting the victim’s underlying liver cirrhosis, he said that the victim’s sustained fractures would not have ordinarily resulted in a death.

In addition, Tan had since given up his job as a taxi driver due to multiple health conditions including high blood pressure and skin cancer.

Yek asked for a low fine, or the minimum jail sentence while the prosecution sought one to three months’ jail and an eight-year driving ban.

The prosecution pointed out that he had asked for a lower sentence than usual after considering the “unusual” facts of the incident.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps.

27-Year-Old Man Loses S$45K To Love Scam, Met 'Woman' Over Instagram


Man Falls For Love Scam After Being Told To Transfer Money To Review Luxury Products

Those who read news reports on love scams might believe that victims would tend to be, well, on the older side.

However, young people have been known to fall for love scams too.

A 27-year-old man lost close to S$45,000 to a scammer he met over Instagram.

Source: Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The “woman” convinced him to review luxury products and earn a commission by transferring money.

Woman starts following man over Instagram

The victim, a private university student named only as Mr Lim, met someone over Instagram on 14 Oct, he told Shin Min Daily News.

She followed him on the platform first, and he reciprocated seeing that she was a “beautiful woman” named Anna.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

They started exchanging messages, and she told him that she was a fashion designer at a luxury brand.

Later, she said she was a Malaysian working in Singapore.

They ended up chatting over the phone for an hour or two daily and exchanging messages frequently.

After just three days, she initiated a relationship, saying they had a common language, i.e. Mandarin. He agreed.

Woman asks man to transfer money

Soon, the ruse deepened. Anna asked Mr Lim to help her with her sales.

All he had to do was write reviews on her products, then — for some reason — transfer a sum of money.

She said he would eventually get back the funds he sent, along with some “commission”.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Man transfers more than S$45,000

From 10pm on 18 Oct to 1am the next day, Mr Lim made 14 transfers totalling S$45,590.

Two of the transfers were made from his mother’s account.

The first two times, he separately received back S$116 and S$735. He also got S$41 in “commission”.

However, he didn’t get anything back after his next 12 transactions.

The last few times that he transferred money, he was told that he needed to keep on transferring money to get his commission.

Man realises it’s a love scam, makes police report

After Mr Lim finally realised that it was a scam, he refused to make any more transfers.

He also contacted the boutique that Anna allegedly worked in and they told him there was no such person.

That was when he made a police report.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Man depressed after falling for love scam

Unfortunately, the police said it would be difficult to get his money back, Mr Lim said.

This made him depressed for two weeks after the incident, he added, lamenting,

By sharing his story, he hoped people would learn from it and remain alert and avoid falling for scams.

The police confirmed to Shin Min that a report had been filed over the incident, and investigations were ongoing.

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Featured image from Shin Min Daily News and Shin Min Daily News on Facebook.