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Man Helps Elderly Woman Cross Road In Jurong When Green Man Turns Red, Others Walk Past

Kind Man Helps Elderly Woman Cross Road At Jurong East, Car Honks At Them

It’s not easy being old when everyday activities like crossing roads become slow and difficult. One kind man, however, came to help an elderly woman cross a road in Jurong East.

The woman, hobbling with a trolley, could not make it across by the time the light turned green for cars.

The kindly stranger pulled it for her and patiently waited for a safe opportunity as cars drove past them.

One car even honked at them, but the man paid no heed and slowly aided the woman across.

Kind man helped old lady cross a road

A video uploaded to TikTok yesterday (22 Oct) by ‘simaleilei’ showed an elderly woman attempting to cross Toh Guan Road in Jurong East.

Hunched over, she supported herself with a walking stick in one hand and pulled a trolley along with the other. By the time the green man started flashing, she had only made it one-third of the way across.

Source: @simaleilei on TikTok

With just one second left for pedestrians, a good Samaritan in grey walked over to the woman to help her. He stuck a hand out, asking the cars to wait.

Source: @simaleilei on TikTok

He then pulls the trolley while supporting the old woman via her now free right hand.

The kind man then waits patiently with the woman until it’s safe.

Source: @simaleilei on TikTok

Various cars pass all around the two in the middle of the road. An indeterminate one even honks at them.

Undeterred, the kind man simply waves at a black car, which slows down to pass by.

Source: @simaleilei on TikTok

Eventually, the helpful man slowly and steadily aids the old lady in reaching the other side over roughly a minute.

Source: @simaleilei on TikTok

Praise for the ‘gentleman’

The impressed OP told viewers to learn from the kind bystander and to give him a salute.

Source: TikTok

Some netizens praised the ‘gentleman’, but questioned why no one else did their part to help the poor lady.

Source: TikTok

A commenter also had some choice words for the impatient car that honked.

Source: TikTok

The display of compassion and patience by the passer-by in grey is undoubtedly admirable. He even made sure to keep watch for cars to keep them both safe despite the green light.

In a similar story, a motorcyclist helped a trolley-pushing woman across two roads in Tiong Bahru.

A construction worker also helped an old man across an Ang Mo Kio road during the green light in August.

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Featured image adapted from @simaleilei on TikTok.

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