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YouTuber & S’pore PR Enlists In SAF Volunteer Corps, Wants To Contribute To The Country

YouTuber & Singapore PR The Krazy Koala Reveals She’s In SAF Volunteer Corps

YouTuber and Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) The Krazy Koala, who also goes by KK, is part of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Volunteer Corps.

She revealed in a recent video that she has been with the volunteer corps for a while but only decided to disclose the information now.

The process apparently took her a few years and training was not easy. KK shared that she had to undergo intense training and fell sick during the process.

However, she decided to join as she felt it was time for her to contribute to the safety she enjoys in Singapore, and she does not regret it one bit.

YouTuber took a few years to complete SAF Volunteer Corps training

On Saturday (4 Nov), KK uploaded a YouTube video documenting her journey to being part of the volunteer corps and the reasons behind it.

Turns out, she graduated from the SAF volunteer corp training course a while ago.

KK shared that the whole process, from application to training, took a couple of years.

After completing the course, she had her graduation ceremony and formation day, which a few close friends attended.

Source: The Krazy Koala on YouTube

She then revealed that she had never publicly shared this information as she is a “very private person”.

Fell sick during training but persevered through the challenges

Joining the corps was something she really wanted to do, the Singapore PR explained. However, the journey was not easy.

During the course, KK went through intense physical training such as carrying weights of 20kg to 30kg.

On top of that, she had to cope with long hours and spartan living conditions while being in a state of exhaustion.

Source: The Krazy Koala on YouTube

She also had to change her hair colour and give up access to her mobile phone, which was a huge deal for a content creator who relies on it for a living.

There was once when she fell so sick for a few weeks that she lost her voice completely, she recounted.

It turned out to be just a cold, but KK took a long time to recover as her body was “not quite used to that kind of environment and intensity”.

Joined the army to give back to Singapore

Despite the hardships, KK does not regret joining the volunteer corps.

This was because, to her, “actions speak louder than words”, and joining the volunteer corps was the best way for her to show her love for Singapore.

Source: The Krazy Koala on YouTube

The YouTuber explained that being a Singapore PR, she has benefitted from the safety, environment, facilities, and efficiency of the country.

“And I think that by being a soldier, and being part of the army, it’s time for me to contribute to the safety of the country that I’ve benefitted from.”

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Featured image adapted from The Krazy Koala on YouTube.

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