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Choa Chu Kang Resident Allegedly Pours Urine Into Neighbour's Shoes, Even Leaves Bottle Behind

Choa Chu Kang Resident Allegedly Pours Bottle Of Urine Into Neighbour’s Shoes

Last week, a Bukit Panjang resident was handed an S$800 fine for harassing her neighbour, which included pouring urine into the latter’s shoes.

Another similar case has since surfaced, this time in the estate of Choa Chu Kang.

Footage shared on TikTok shows an elderly man pouring a yellowish substance — allegedly pee — into shoes belonging to the OP and his family.

Source: TikTok

The victim alerted the police regarding the incident but claimed there was no further action taken on their end.

Choa Chu Kang resident allegedly pours urine into neighbour’s shoes

On Wednesday (18 Oct), Choa Chu Kang resident Mohamed Shahfir took to TikTok to share incriminating footage of the man doing the deed.

In the first part of the video, the man, dressed in a blue T-shirt, is seen approaching Mr Shahfir’s apartment with a large plastic bottle in hand.

Source: TikTok

Upon reaching the shoe rack outside Mr Shahfir’s unit, the man bends over and seemingly leaves the bottle in an upturned position.

Source: TikTok

The video then transitions to pictures which show that the bottle was uncapped.

As a result, the bottle’s contents were left dripping all over the shoe rack and the floor.

In a text overlay, Mr Shahfir claimed that the yellowish substance was, in fact, urine.

Source: TikTok

The video then cuts to another footage of the man in the midst of committing almost the same exact act.

Source: TikTok

Instead of simply leaving the bottle at the shoe rack, the man — this time dressed in a red shirt —  takes his time and daringly pours the liquid into a pair of black shoes.

Source: TikTok

He then chucks the bottle — together with whatever substance is still inside — into a corner of the shoe rack.

The suspicious fluid was left flowing out to the section of the corridor outside Mr Shahfir’s unit.

Source: TikTok

Based on the timestamps of the videos, the incidents occurred on 26 Sep and 18 Oct.

Victim says he didn’t know man prior to incidents

In response to MS News‘ queries, Mr Shahfir said that the elderly man captured in the videos is his neighbour, who stays in a rental flat one level below him.

What’s perhaps most disturbing is the fact there have apparently been four instances where Mr Shahfir and his family found urine splashed outside their unit.

The family of four only installed a CCTV outside their flat after the second incident. Hence, they only had footage of the third and fourth incidents.

Mr Shahfir added that other neighbours who stay on the same floor as the alleged perpetrator have been dealing with such incidents for the past month.

When police officers confronted the man about the incidents, he allegedly said that someone had splashed pee inside his own apartment.

He also did not admit nor deny his involvement in the other incidents.

Based on Mr Shahfir’s observations, the man apparently resides alone in his apartment on the ninth floor.

MS News has reached out to Chua Chu Kang Town Council for more information on the case and will update this article when they get back.

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Featured image adapted from @mohamed.shahfir on TikTok

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