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Toa Payoh Cai Png Stall Labels Chicken As Fish & Charges S$7.20, Customer Wonders Why

Customer Says Hard To Tell If Toa Payoh Cai Png Stall Charged Him Correctly Based On Receipt

Cai png may be the go-to comfort food for Singaporeans, but sometimes ordering it doesn’t come without problems.

As one customer discovered, it can be difficult to work out whether you’ve been charged fairly even if you have a receipt.

He questioned why a cai png stall in Toa Payoh charged him S$7.20.

Source: Lee Dayong on Facebook

This was after labelling his chicken cutlet as “fish”, he added.

Diner orders cai png at Koufu Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Posting in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Thursday (9 Nov), Mr Lee Dayong said he’d eaten at the Koufu food court on the second floor of HDB Hub in Toa Payoh.

Source: Google Maps

From a stall named “Mixed Vegetable Rice”, he ordered a simple meal of rice, beansprouts, beancurd skin and chicken cutlet.

Source: Lee Dayong on Facebook

The total came up to S$7.20, he said, sharing a photo of his receipt as proof.

Toa Payoh cai png stall charges S$4 for ‘fish’

According to the receipt, the stall charged Mr Lee S$3.20 for “one meat and one vegetable”.

They then added S$4 for a piece of “fish”, although he didn’t order any fish.

Source: Lee Dayong on Facebook

When he asked the cashier about this, she allegedly said the S$4 was for the chicken cutlet.

This led the customer to declare that S$4 for chicken cutlet was “daylight robbery”.

Customer finds problems with the receipt

There was more than one problem with the receipt, Mr Lee complained.

Even if paying S$4 for chicken cutlet was okay, he questioned how the cashier could charge him for “fish” when he didn’t order fish.

Besides that, he reasoned that the remaining beansprouts and beancurd skin on his plate shouldn’t be considered “one meat one vegetable”.

Thus, he concluded that the receipt was “rubbish”, adding,

In such a situation, he wondered how he would know whether he was charged correctly.

Netizens agree with OP

Most netizens who commented on his post agreed, with one pointing out that chicken is usually cheaper than fish.

Source: Lee Dayong on Facebook

Another said that even after discounting the chicken cutlet masquerading as fish, the receipt says there’s “meat” listed on the receipt that’s non-existent.

Source: Lee Dayong on Facebook

However, one commenter claimed that beancurd skin isn’t considered a “vegetable”, at least under cai png rules — something that also surprised him.

Source: Lee Dayong on Facebook

Others shared their own sob stories of paying through the nose when ordering cai png.

We guess Mr Lee is still luckier than the customer who paid S$10.10 for cai png at a Koufu food court in Commonwealth, including a pork dish that cost S$4.

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Featured image adapted from Lee Dayong on Facebook.

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