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Pug Plops Outside Toa Payoh Pet Shop Apparently Due To Treats Inside, Refuses To Leave

Pug Plops Outside Toa Payoh Pet Lovers Centre, Apparently Knows There’s Treats Inside

Pet owners would be aware of the extent to which their furkids are willing to go to get their treats.

A man was walking his pug outside Pet Lovers Centre in Toa Payoh when the dog suddenly plopped outside the shop, refusing to leave.

Source: TikTok

Turns out, the pup was reluctant to go as she was aware that there were treats inside the pet shop.

Pug plops outside Toa Payoh pet shop & refuses to budge

Earlier this month, Pet Lovers Centre Singapore posted a video showing the reluctant pug loitering outside its outlet in Toa Payoh.

In the clip, Cash, a cream-coloured pug, is seen lying on her belly outside the pet shop, which has its shutters down.

Source: TikTok

Despite her owner’s repeated calls to leave, Cash refuses to move from the vicinity of the pet shop.

The owner even tries explaining that the shop is closed, but Cash merely stands up briefly before plopping outside the shop’s gates.

Source: TikTok

Sensing that words alone won’t be enough to make the pup budge, the owner gets closer and tugs on her leash, but to no avail.

Stares at pet shop from afar

The video then cuts to another scene showing the pug lying on the ground a distance away from the shop.

Source: TikTok

Despite the 10 to 20 metres separating the canine and the pet shop, Cash’s eyes remain firmly on the metallic shutters.

After some tugging, Cash eventually gets on her feet and appears ready to head home — or so it seems.

She follows her owner for two seconds before turning around to face the pet shop once again.

Source: TikTok

This time, she simply sits down as her owner tugs away at the leash.

Some netizens find pug cute, others find her reaction relatable

The post featuring the gluttonous pug has since gone viral, garnering nearly 250,000 views at the time of writing.

Most netizens found the pug’s behaviour extremely adorable.

Some even found her actions relatable, given their shared love for food.

Source: TikTok

Another user said their dog, also named ‘Cash’, shot them a glance when they were watching the video.

Source: TikTok

Pet Lovers Centre Singapore also hinted at a sequel to the video in response to a netizen’s suggestion to bring Cash back another day.

Source: TikTok

Even though most of us already know about the lengths our pets are willing to go to for food, it’s still amusing to see a furkid behaving in such a dramatic manner for their treats.

What are the most hilarious things your pet has done in order to obtain their treats? Share them in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok

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