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TikToker Shares Examples Of 'S'pore Math', Like Taking Public Transport To Get 'Discount' On Haidilao

TikToker Says ‘Singapore Math’ Includes Taking Public Transport To Get ‘Discount’ On Haidilao & More

Some of you might have heard of ‘girl math‘, which started as a light-hearted social media gag where young women justify their purchases.

The term is believed to have originated from a New Zealand radio show where the DJs help listeners rationalise their splurges. For instance, a NZ$1,000 (S$800) bag costs just NZ$200 (S$160) a year if you use it for five years.

It doesn’t make actual financial sense, of course, but the trend soon spread like wildfire online.

Now, a TikToker has come up with the more gender-neutral and location-specific ‘Singapore Math’.

Her examples include “making money” by reusing plastic bags and taking public transport to get a “discount” on Haidilao.

TikToker introduces ‘Singapore Math”

In her now-viral video, TikTok user @new_to_singapore aka Amandine — an expat who has lived here for four years — listed three examples of ‘Singapore Math’.singapore mathsingapore math

Source: @new_to_singapore on TikTok

“If you live in Singapore and you go [to Johor Bahru] every weekend, the money that you spend there doesn’t count,” she said in the first example. Is it because of the exchange rate?

Next, she brought up supermarkets’ S$0.05 charge for plastic bags.

While forking that amount is “too expensive”, ‘Singapore Math’ turns it around and lets you ‘make money’ instead when you reuse the plastic bag for your rubbish.

Source: @new_to_singapore on TikTok

Lastly, Amandine shared how one can score half off their bill at a certain ultra-popular hotpot joint.

“If I go eat at Haidilao but I took . . . public transport to get there, it’s like getting a 50% discount,” she said. Presumably compared to taking a cab or paying for parking and petrol when you drive there, we guess.singapore mathsingapore math

Source: @new_to_singapore on TikTok

Again, behold the power of #SingaporeMath.

Netizens give their own examples

Other TikTok users soon had a field day penning their own examples of ‘Singapore Math’.

This person pointed out that when you receive a free gift with your purchase, “you didn’t waste any money, you got extra for FREE”.singapore mathsingapore math

Source: @new_to_singapore on TikTok

Another netizen took the Haidilao example to a whole new level by mentioning the free-flow sauce bar and snacks, which will essentially give you a “free meal”.singapore mathsingapore math

Source: @new_to_singapore on TikTok

Amandine’s video was also reposted on the r/singapore subreddit, where it garnered loads of comments as well.

One Redditor said that ‘Singapore Math’ applies to hawkers too. Specifically, those who charge S$8.50 for cai png with three meat dishes and one veggie dish compared to S$3.50 for two meat dishes and one veggie dish.

Source: r/singapore on Reddit

Of course, there were a few cynical responses that brought up issues like housing prices.

Source: r/Singapore on Reddit

What are some other examples of ‘Singapore Math’ you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured images adapted from @new_to_singapore on TikTok.

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