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Woman Leaves Thailand Flat Covered In Rubbish & With Maggots Crawling, Doesn't Pay Rent

Landlord Claims Tenant Left Thailand Flat In A Mess Without Paying Rent

Renting out rooms to tenants can often be a trial by fire for landlords. Occasionally, they may come across individuals who leave them with quite a problem to handle.

This was the case recently for a landlord in Thailand, who said that he rented out his flat to a woman.

She then disappeared without paying rent, leaving the room in a mess with clothes strewn everywhere.

Landlord rents out Thailand flat to woman

Taking to Facebook, a landlord named Artter Ratcha said that he had rented out a condominium unit to a young woman, who would occasionally bring her boyfriend over.

Source: Facebook

According to Mr Ratcha, the woman never paid her rent on time throughout her stay. He initially let the matter go, until seven to eight months later when the condominium’s management sent him an email stating that the tenant had been keeping animals inside the unit.

By doing so, she violated the property’s rules. Moreover, other residents had apparently begun filing complaints against the tenant, claiming that the unit stank of cat urine and excrement.

The management went on to state that if the tenant did not remove the animals, there would be a fine of 5,000 baht (S$185). Thereafter, if the creatures were still not removed, the subsequent fine would be 1,000 baht (S$37) per day.

“We were quite annoyed, so we sent a message and called to notify the tenant to have the cat removed within that day,” Mr Ratcha said.

Woman fails to adhere to condominium regulations

However, upon considering the matter further, he decided he didn’t want the tenant to extend her stay. As such, he demanded she move out, to which she said she’d do so within two days.

On the day of the deadline she’d set, Mr Ratcha told the tenant that he would be coming down to check the condition of the unit.

Unfortunately, the woman continued being evasive, avoiding the issue until two weeks ago. Mr Ratcha, once again exercising leniency, chose to give her time, especially since she claimed that she hadn’t finished moving her things out.

In addition, she alleged that there had been issues with the bathroom which she wanted fixed before Mr Ratcha’s check.

After giving the tenant a significant amount of time, Mr Ratcha eventually had enough.

“So we decided to give an ultimatum that we would go and inspect the room. Whether you’re ready or not, I don’t care,” he exclaimed.

Thai landlord says woman left room in filthy mess

As it turned out, the condition of the unit was very dire — which Mr Ratcha showed in a three-minute video.

Footage showed the floor of the flat being barely visible underneath piles of filthy clothes, food wrappers, plastic bottles and other such detritus.

Source: Artter Ratcha on Facebook

Each room was overflowing with rubbish, resembling a landfill more than a condominium unit. 8world News reported that there were even maggots amidst all the mess.

Source: Artter Ratcha on Facebook

Working in boots and orange gloves, housekeeping staff worked meticulously to clean the rooms out.

Source: Artter Ratcha on Facebook

Ultimately, the rubbish collected from the unit filled several trash bags, which lined up the hallway. Even then, the flat remained unclean, with spare bits of trash still covering the floor.

Source: Artter Ratcha on Facebook

In addition, strands of hair seemed stuck to the television and furniture of the unit.

Mr Ratcha claimed that a housekeeping employee whom he hired to clean the unit ended up nearly vomiting as a result of the filth.

Source: Artter Ratcha on Facebook

As the tenants had failed to pay the bills, water was cut off to the unit, compounding the problem.

Concluding the post, Mr Ratcha shared a picture of the woman he had rented out the unit to.

He confessed that it was a lesson learnt for him, to be careful about the selection of tenants in the future.

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Featured image adapted from Artter Ratcha on Facebook.

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