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Thai Woman In Labour Reluctant To Leave Eatery, Manager Promises Her Free Meals For 9 Months

Thai Woman In Labour Reluctant To Leave Food, Eatery Manager Promises 9 Months Of Free Meals

What’s more important: giving birth after going into labour or delicious Thai food?

Well, one Thai woman apparently chose the latter when she was hesitant to go to the hospital even though her water had broken in a restaurant.

While the staff arranged for transport to the hospital, she asked them not to clear her mookata so she could come back and eat it.

The shocked manager then promised her nine months of free food if she focused on delivering her baby.

He later visited the new mother in the hospital, bringing some cookware and food as gifts.

Thai woman granted 9 months of free meals

Craving BBQ steamboat, a heavily pregnant Thai woman decided to head down to a mookata restaurant where she was a regular.

After just a few bites, however, something happened — her water broke and she started feeling labour pains.

The eatery’s manager, Yuthaphum Kaewkhem aka Boom, wrote about the incident on Facebook on 16 Oct.

In his photo, we see the woman, indeed heavily pregnant, with quite a feast laid out before her.

Source: Boom on Facebook

The helpful staff urgently began arranging transport to the hospital.

But the woman clearly didn’t share the same sense of urgency, insisting that the staff not clear her table as she was still hungry.

She told them that if she did not give birth at the hospital, she would return to finish her food.

A staff member relayed this to Boom, who promised the woman nine months of free meals in hopes that she would focus on giving birth.

Manager gives her cookware gifts at hospital

In a Facebook post on 17 Oct, the woman revealed that she was originally due to give birth on 27 Oct. Thus, she did not expect to go into labour that day.

Besides offering her free food, Boom went to the hospital to visit her and her new baby. They posed for a photo while dressed in pink hospital gowns.

Source: Boom on Facebook

Boom also posted a close-up of the adorable baby boy and his ruddy round cheeks.

Source: Boom on Facebook

While it’s unclear if the nine-month free food offer still stands, Boom brought along with him a large bag of gifts for his customer.

He sent her a mookata grill pan and other kitchen cookware, much to the new mum’s delight.

Source: Boom on Facebook

Additionally, Boom gifted her some food to hopefully satisfy her cravings.

Source: Boom on Facebook

The odd but heartwarming saga amused many online, and Boom’s thoughtfulness and generosity certainly deserves praise.

We hope the woman gets all the free mookata she wants upon discharge.

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Featured image adapted from Boom on Facebook and Facebook.

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