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Glorious Supermoon Shines Brightly In S’pore Sky, Lights Up Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Supermoon Seen During Mid-Autumn Festival On 29 Sep

For some, plans to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday (29 Sep) marked the end of a long work week. Others could have been hoping for a miracle — which may have come in the form of a glorious supermoon in the night sky.

Thanks to the lack of clouds, lucky observers managed to capture the spectacular sight and share their photographs on Facebook.

Many users in the CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore group in particular gave everyone a glimpse of the phenomenon.

Last supermoon of 2023 emerges during Mid-Autumn Festival

On Friday (29 Sep) night, folks who happened to look up in the sky may have spotted a luminescent orb that appeared much larger than usual.

True to predictions, the Harvest Moon — the last supermoon of 2023 — had emerged, coinciding with Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

In Tampines, Facebook user Andrew spotted the moon in the middle of a cloud clearing, as though appearing from a dark mist.

Source: Andrew Teo on Facebook

Slightly further North, Anders captured the yellowish moon looming magnificently over an HDB block in Sengkang.

Source: Anders Tradit on Facebook

Meanwhile, closer to central Singapore, Bing Xiu photographed the moon seemingly hanging close to the Singapore Flyer.

Source: Bing Xiu on Facebook

No matter where everyone was last night, it looked as though many managed to capture beautiful photos of the supermoon.

Next Super Full Moon possibly in Sep 2024

Since last night’s spectacle was the last supermoon for the year, some people may be bummed that they missed it.

But thanks to the many kind OPs online, we at least get to catch glimpses of the glorious sight.

According to Time and Date, Super New Moons will be visible as early as 9 Feb, 10 March and 8 Apr next year.

However, we’d have to wait till around 18 Sep 2024 to be able to catch a Super Full Moon like the one last night again.

So, if you’d like to see the supermoons for yourself next time, mark your calendars for the likely dates they’ll emerge.

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Featured image adapted from Joe Isabel on Facebook and Koh See Tien on Facebook.

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