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Chinatown Mid-Autumn Light-Up Features Jade Rabbit Lanterns & 8m Centrepiece Of A Happy Family

Lanterns Adorn Chinatown Streets For Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

Moon goddess Chang’E is back at the Chinatown light-up after taking a short break last year. She returns along with her many jade rabbits which line the bustling streets.

This year’s light-up follows the theme, ‘A Journey of Love and Celebration’, featuring an eight-metre centrepiece at Eu Tong Sen Street.

It was unveiled on Friday (15 Sep) and will continue to shine bright in the heart of Chinatown till 14 Oct.

Themed ‘A Journey of Love & Celebration’

Once a year, Chinatown shines brighter than ever during the Mid-Autumn Festival light-up. This year is no different as visitors witness vibrant scenes of glowing lanterns all around.

The grandest lighted sculpture standing at eight metres tall is a diorama symbolising love and celebration.

The diorama features a family of five, celebrating amongst a field of ethereal purple flowers, shimmering trees, and warm glowing lanterns.

Meanwhile, Chang’E overlooks the festivities from up above.

The centrepiece is only one part of this year’s light-up though, as the lanterns stretch across three other streets — namely New Bridge Road, South Bridge Road, and Upper Cross Street.

Rabbit lanterns light up streets of Chinatown

Those walking around or driving through Chinatown will spot multiple bunnies lining the road as they sport gleeful expressions while holding their own red lanterns.

These sculptures are, of course, larger than life, making them easy to admire even from afar.

A quick look upwards and you’ll also see smaller rabbits leaping from one side of the busy street to another.

They take visitors through the three chapters of this year’s light-up, which is all about heartwarming scenes of lantern blessings while also paying homage to Chang’E’s story.

Behind the vibrant display is the Raffles College of Higher Education who designed the scenes for the first time.

Chinatown has fairs & lantern walk for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

Apart from the light-up, visitors can also enjoy the ongoing programmes and family-friendly activities.

For example, there’ll be free stage performances at Kreta Ayer Square across four dates and a lantern-painting competition for the creative souls out there.

Not forgetting the Chinatown Lantern Walk where participants will get a goodie bag full of Mid-Autumn treats.

Foodies can also head down to Smith Street to check out the food fair. Meanwhile, the open space in front of People’s Park Complex will host the Festive Fair.

If all this sounds exciting to you, check out the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival website for more details.

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All images by MS News. Photography by Iskandar Rossali.

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