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S’pore Sports School Sacks Badminton Coach, He Didn’t Check Well-Being Of Student Who Died

Coach Could Have Checked Student’s Well-Being Before He Left The Track: Singapore Sports School

Those who knew 14-year-old Pranav Madhaik are still reeling from his passing following a fitness trial at the Singapore Sports School (SSP). Now, the school has found that his badminton coach had failed to account for his welfare, which could have led to the unfortunate turn of events.

Following the discovery, they have announced that they’ve sacked the coach.

Sports School badminton coach failed to follow safety protocols

In a press release today (14 Oct), SSP revealed findings from their investigation into the incident.

According to them, the badminton coach “should have checked on Pranav to ensure his well-being before leaving the track”.

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Moreover, he allegedly failed to account for all student-athletes under his ward before dismissing them from training. This apparently breached the school’s safety protocols.

Emphasising that they take the matter seriously, SSP declared that they’ve served the coach a “notice of dismissal”.

In light of the incident, the school is also reviewing its safety protocols and finding ways to improve it.

They have also reminded staff of the importance of adhering to these procedures.

Student told to rest after informing coach he was unwell

Detailing the events that unfolded on 5 Oct, SSP said that Pranav had completed a 400m fitness time trial at 6.26pm that day.

Thereafter, he told his coach that he wasn’t feeling well. Since he had recovered after resting before, the coach reportedly told him to do the same.

While the 14-year-old went to rest near the starting point, the coach analysed the time trial data on his phone.

He then left the track to address other students about an upcoming competition, not realising that Pranav was still at the same spot.

The coach subsequently left the school premises after talking to the students. How much time elapsed throughout all this is unclear.

Another coach calls for help after sensing something amiss

While resting, Pranav purportedly interacted with a few other students who claimed that they didn’t notice anything amiss.

Five minutes after they left, at 6.40pm, a track and field coach walking by saw Pranav and stopped to ask about his well-being.

He then asked a student to fetch some water, after which the student made another trip to get cold water at Pranav’s request.

At this point realising that the 14-year-old had trouble getting up even with assistance, the coach called the Boarding staff for help at 6.45pm.

Staff then called the ambulance at 6.50pm before calling Pranav’s parents three minutes later.

The ambulance reportedly arrived at 7.02pm and conveyed the boy to National University Hospital (NUH) along with his badminton coach who returned to accompany him.

Source: Wikipedia

Despite receiving medical care in a hospital ward, Pranav passed away on 11 Oct from cardiac arrest. Doctors also determined that there was an “antecedent cause of congenital malformation of coronary vessels”.

SSP has shared the above findings with Pranav’s family and is supporting them during this difficult period.

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