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Chinatown Traditional Bakery Ceases Operations Till Further Notice As They Take An 'Extended Break'

Tai Thong Cake Shop In Chinatown Ceases Operations, Bakery Teases ‘Exciting News’ To Come

Though Singapore is blessed with bakeries galore, many of us still hanker for traditional handmade pastries.

However, such bakeries are now scarce, with one more pulling down their shutters — at least temporarily.

Tai Thong Cake Shop (大同饼家) in Chinatown has sadly ceased operations till further notice.

Source: Google Maps

They said they’ll be taking an extended break, but this isn’t goodbye forever, as they teased exciting news to come.

Chinatown bakery ceases operations abruptly

Last Tuesday (11 Oct), Tai Thong Cake Shop abruptly posted news on Facebook that would’ve shocked fans.

They said their current premises will cease operations “till further notice”.

Source: Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook

This is because they’ll be taking an “extended break to recharge”.

As Tai Thong Cake Shop only had one location at 35 Mosque Street, that means regular patrons will be deprived of their delicate Cantonese pastries for an indefinite amount of time.

Source: Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook

Chinatown bakery ceases operations after Mid-Autumn Festival

Considering the old-school family business had been operating for 73 years, the announcement would’ve saddened customers.

This is especially as it was so abrupt, with the bakery closing with no advance notice.

In a reply to a netizen’s question, they said they closed after the Mid-Autumn Festival, which was on 29 Sep.

Source: Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook

Their closure was actually hinted at in their Facebook post that day when they signed off on their yearly busy period by saying they’ll be taking a “well-deserved break”.

Source: Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook

Chinatown bakery has no-frills shopfront & handmade pastries

Tai Thong Cake Shop, which opened in 1950, is known for their no-frills shopfront and interior that harks back to a bygone era.

Source: Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook

They’re even better known for their handmade pastries, which taste better than those made by machine. The confections are prepared daily in small batches without the use of preservatives.

Source: Our Grandfather Story on Facebook

One of their most-loved products is undoubtedly their mooncakes, which remain popular despite the availability of more contemporary kinds in Singapore.

Source: Google Maps

In a 2018 interview with Our Grandfather Story (OGS), owner Kwok Sow Lan said a lot of skill is required to make traditional mooncakes, but it’s worth it as mooncakes are only tasty when made traditionally.

She also decried that people nowadays don’t go for tradition, instead preferring non-traditional flavours like fruits and durian.

This insistence on tradition is also seemingly why their mooncakes are housed in paper boxes with a rendering of moon goddess Chang Er, instead of the more elaborate packaging offered by other bakeries to attract customers.

Source: Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook

Besides mooncakes, Tai Thong also offered snacks like traditional wedding cakes in various flavours, cookies, giant egg tarts and Chinese New Year goodies.

Business is tiring & working hours are long

Tai Thong was started by Mdm Kwok’s father, who came to Singapore from Hong Kong during the war.

The bakery was taken over by her younger brother upon her father’s death.

Unfortunately, her brother also passed away after “spending a lifetime” on the business, she said.

Source: Our Grandfather Story on Facebook

She described the business as “tiring” due to the long working hours involved in making their goods by hand.

That’s apparently why she seems to have taken a sorely earned break.

Bakery taking time to recharge

However, perhaps fans shouldn’t despair yet.

After all, Tai Thong Cake Shop’s post promised “exciting news in time”, urging the public to monitor their website and Facebook page, saying,

In another response to a fan on Facebook, the bakery said they might have vacated their premises, but they’re not done yet.

Instead, they’re simply taking time off to recharge while “strategising our next steps”.

Source: Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook

Hopefully, they’ll be back really soon so we can taste their exquisite offerings once more.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Tai Thong Cake Shop on Facebook.

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