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Soldier In M'sia Accidentally Sprays Insecticide Into Eyes, Dies From Chemical Poisoning

Soldier In Malaysia Dies After Accidentally Getting Sprayed With Insecticide

When we think about fatal incidents in the army, we often think about cases involving explosives, firearms, or some machinery.

A soldier in Malaysia, however, fell victim to the nightly insecticide.

The 28-year-old was preparing insecticide equipment when he sprayed himself in the face with pesticide.

Source: China Press

Despite his best efforts to wash off the substance, the soldier eventually died from chemical poisoning hours later.

Soldier accidentally gets face & eyes splashed with insecticide on 30 Sep

According to China Press, the fatal incident happened at about 10am last Saturday (30 Sep) at an army camp in Johor.

Mohd Shamsuri, 28, was reportedly preparing insecticide to eliminate flies at the camp. When opening a bottle of the substance, he accidentally had the substance splashed on his face and eyes.

Source: China Press

Shamsuri immediately felt pain on his face and proceeded to a nearby sink to wash the chemical off.

However, this did not work as he soon developed other symptoms, such as breathing difficulties, swelling to his eyes, and rashes on his face.

Dies some 4 hours later due to chemical poisoning

At about 10.40am, Shamsuri was conveyed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Source: China Press

China Press reported that the 28-year-old had already started slipping into a coma when he arrived at the hospital.

Despite the medical staff’s best efforts, he passed away at about 2.05pm that day.

Source: China Press

Based on preliminary investigations, the soldier’s cause of death was chemical poisoning, which led to organ failure.

His body was transported back to his hometown in Melaka.

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Featured image adapted from China Press.

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