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Man's Army Stew Pizza Comes With 'Candlewax' Toppings Instead Of Ramyeon, Pizza Hut Apologises

Pizza Hut Apologises To Man After His Army Stew Pizza Arrived Without Ramyeon Topping

Pizza Hut recently released a special fusion pizza called the Army Stew Pizza, featuring the Korean staple on a pizza base.

As the name suggests, various army stew ingredients are used as toppings, such as cheese, chicken luncheon meat, tteokbokki, kimchi, and ramyeon.

But what a person on TikTok, Ben, received appeared anything but. He found that the ramyeon topping that usually comes with the pizza was missing.

Source: @straighthairboy on TikTok

The tteokbokki also appeared lumpy and looked like “candlewax”, according to Ben.

A Pizza Hut spokesperson told MS News that they apologised for the way the pizza was created, and will continue to ensure such lapses do not happen in future.

Singaporean receives pizza with no ramyeon topping

Ben posted on TikTok under the username @straighthairboy on Monday (2 Oct) to document his experience.

Ben told MS News that he’d ordered a set from Pizza Hut for a gathering on Sunday (1 Oct) evening.

However, what arrived was more flour than pizza, according to him.

The first thing he noticed was a lack of ramyeon topping, which is a feature of the Army Stew pizza.

Source: @straighthairboy on TikTok

Indeed, although there appear to be other ingredients present, the ramyeon is not.

Here’s a picture of the pizza as it’s supposed to look.

Source: Eatbook

The next thing Ben noticed was the tteokbokki (rice cake) on the pizza — they appeared lumpy and hardly appetising.

He even compared them to candlewax.

Source: @straighthairboy on TikTok

Ben also commented that they were “basically eating flour only” while tucking into their pizza.

Source: @straighthairboy on TikTok

“This is a total insult to the popular Korean dish!!!” the caption in the video stated.

Store manager reaches out to man & offers store credit

Ben told MS News that the outlet’s store manager subsequently contacted him.

The store manager offered to provide another pizza to him, which he could order at any time he wanted from that outlet.

“He even provided his mobile number to contact him directly to order,” Ben said, noting that the manager told him they’d conduct an internal investigation.

Pizza Hut confirmed that the incident occurred, and a spokesperson apologised for the way the pizza was created.

“Our store manager from the outlet immediately contacted the customer to rectify the situation by offering store credit for his entire order to use as and when he would like,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that serving food of the best quality is of utmost importance to them.

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Featured image adapted from @straighthairboy on TikTok.

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